P4-7 Believe • Achieve Assembly 27.3.15

At the P4-7 Believe • Achieve Assembly on Friday 27th March we celebrated P6 pupil Milenka’s fantastic achievement at a recent International Fencing competition in Poland where she came 26th out of 128 participants in her age group. She was the highest ranked girl from Scotland and the second highest ranking from Britain. Milenka gave a confident and engaging presentation and was roundly congratulated by all.

Milenka, far right

Pupils had an opportunity to share their learning and achievements at Parents’ Consultations this week and it was wonderful to welcome families into school. We really value our ongoing partnership with families. Well done also to all the staff who have worked so hard to display their pupils’ work to such great effect and we hoped you enjoyed visiting classrooms. A favourite haunt was the ‘Evacuee’s Waiting Room’ on the top landing, complete with suitcases and gas mask boxes!

Each P6 class performed their fabulous BBC Ten Pieces dances at Assembly last week and this week they were able to see the video of their Year Group performance of Anna Meredith’s ‘Connect It’ dance. We think Mr Howie’s ‘Sciennes’ animated logo is super cool!

JASS AWARDS in P6 and P7
We aim to allocate about six months to the Junior Award Scheme Scotland (JASS) awards at Bronze (P6) and Silver (P7) Levels and we include as many holidays within that time as possible – from the beginning of the October holiday until the end of the Easter holiday – to help pupils achieve their goals. Next term, pupils have been asked to give a short talk explaining how they have achieved either 8 (Bronze) or 12 (Silver) hours in each of the four categories: Get Active, Stay Active; Adventure; My Interests; Me and My World. At Assembly we highlighted the numerous Easter holiday activities available to help any pupils make up additional hours still required to achieve the award (see slideshow and website or Sciennes Twitter feed and Facebook Page for details). Individual log in accounts have now been created so we hope to begin our pilot eJASS programme with some of our P7 pupils before the end of term.

Luke and Toby gave details of their innovating idea to achieve their ‘Me and My World’ certificate by running a Bake Sale in the Meadows during football practice tomorrow morning Saturday 28th March from 9.30am. All items £1.00 and all proceeds to the Playground Fund. It never ceases to amaze that a third of our school population – 215 pupils! – take part in the Sciennes Football Club. Testament indeed to the great enthusiasm and dedication of so many of our parents and supporters.

Me and My World Ideas:

This year, our pupils have generously supported local and national charity fundraisers: Food Bank, Children in Need, Comic Relief, as well as taking part in Playground Fundraising events at school including Camera Obscura Family evening, Christmas Fair and the forthcoming Swimathon. Participation in these events counts towards the ‘Me and My World’ JASS award, as does making a difference at home such as helping neighbours or gardening. Pupils have been asked to show support on Saturday 28th March for WWF’s Earth Hour by switching off lights at 8.30pm – 9.30pm, which would count as an hour towards the award. Pupils might also consider preparing and delivering a Talk about a charitable organisation, or deciding to give their time in some way to help others.

The Science Festival is about to begin and to highlight the exciting opportunities on offer we showed the ‘Scientific Method Rap.’ Mr McKenna has posters and leaflets in his Science Lab and invited pupils to come and ask him about some of the activities on offer during the holiday. (See website and Sciennes Twitter feed or Facebook Page.)

We also practised “It’s A Wonderful World”,  ready to sing it at our Easter Assemblies next week on Thursday morning, led by Mrs Noble.
Please note that term ends on THURSDAY 2nd APRIL at 3.20pm, normal time, and we look forward to welcoming pupils back to school on TUESDAY 21st APRIL.