Friends of Sciennes School (FSS)

Friends of Sciennes School (FSS) is a registered charity (Scottish Registered Charity Number SC029465) which was set up as a charitable trust to support the school and its pupils.

FSS Trustees comprises of parents, staff and friends of the School who want to further enhance the education and wellbeing of our children, their families and the wider community. We meet each term to assist the school to improve the educational life of our children. FSS facilitates fundraising and donations received from the parent body and reports on balances of accounts and agreed purchases made on behalf of the School.

A copy of the audited accounts is sent to OSCR annually and a copy of our constitution is available upon request.

All enquires can be directed to our Chairperson

The purpose of the Trust is to:

1. Provide extra resources, facilities and equipment to give additional benefits and improvements to the educational, extra-curricular and social life of Sciennes School.

2. To provide extra resources, facilities and equipment which will give traditional benefits and improvements to the extra-curricular and social life of the school

3. To protect and preserve the environment for the public benefit by educating the public in the benefits of the environment of suitable waste management practices

FSS fundraises to provide the school with resources that are supplementary to Local Authority funding and to provide equity across the school community.

Trustees of the Charitable Trust include:

• Andrew Hunter, Headteacher and Chair of FSS

• Bruce Crawford, Parent

• Diane Glass, Parent

• Catherine McCormack, Treasurer

• Secretary (vacant)

Membership of the group also includes the following, who are voting members:

• Chair of the Parent Council

• Convenor of Sciennes Fundraising and Events Group

Our Treasurer, will be stepping down at the end of 2020 and most of the members have kids who are moving on at the end of the academic year.

If this is something that interests you please get in touch with Mr Hunter before December 1st 2020. New Trustees will be inducted during the January meeting.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Trust or are interested in joining as a Trustee, please email the interim Secretary at and your message will be forwarded to the Trust’s Chairperson.

Our current 2020-2023 priorities are:

Raising a significant amount of money for the replacement, repair and maintenance of IT equipment across the whole school.

Increasing the financial support available for Sciennes pupils in light of the pandemic (trips, camps, extra curricular activities and social events)

 Friends of Sciennes School gratefully accepts donations all year round to help us achieve our charitable objectives. If you wish to make a one off donation or a regular donation to the school throughout your child or children’s time at Sciennes please visit: