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Mr Mark McKenna is a highly experienced Class Teacher who has been successfully leading weekly Science lessons with our P3-P7 pupils in our specially designed Science Lab for several years. Mr McKenna has also initiated and implemented an innovative programme of self assessment in Science which he updated last session in line with recently released government progress Benchmarks. Mr McKenna also offers support to P1 and P2 Class Teachers in their self-led Science programme and to P3-P7 Class Teachers delivering their own additional Science lessons.

The provision of learning in the sciences at Sciennes has undergone significant revision in recent years in order to ensure the delivery of the range of Outcomes and Experiences identified in the Curriculum for Excellence.  Content has been designed to ensure the effective delivery of the key concepts in the Sciences using the five identified organisers:


Planet Earth

Forces, Electricity and Waves

Biological Systems


Topical Science


An overview of topics taught in the sciences at Sciennes has been established to provide a structured plan for the provision of scientific investigations, inquiry and analytical thinking as pupils progress through learning at Early, First and Second Levels.


City of Edinburgh Council, Angus Council and Renfrewshire Council documents, guidelines and suggested activities for development of the Sciences have been used to underpin the principles of curriculum design identified in CfE ensuring:


Challenge and enjoyment




Personalisation and choice




At Sciennes, pupils are taught Science solely by their Class Teacher at Primary 1&2, and by both the Class Teacher and  Science Specialist, Mr Mark McKenna,  in Primary 3-7.


Teachers employ a range of strategies including active and co-operative models designed to deepen and extend pupils’ learning, making full use of the opportunities to encourage links between the sciences and other curriculum areas.


As a number of the experiences and outcomes are related to both the Social Sciences and Sciences frameworks, the opportunities to plan interdisciplinary work across a number of curriculum areas are common.


Evidence of pupils’ knowledge and understanding in the sciences is gathered using a range of strategies.


Mr McKenna has pioneered self-assessment formats, that encourage pupils regularly to consider and chart their progress in the Sciences and in line with Assessment Benchmarks.

Curriculum for Excellence – Sciences: