Letter from Prof Jason Leitch

Dear FamiliesPlease find below a copy of a letter from National Clinical Director, Professor Jason Leitch, to all parents/carers of children in ELC settings and school age pupils. Letter-to-Parents-and-Carers-from-Jason-Leitch-National-Clinical-Director-16-September-2021Download This was emailed to all our families today. COVID-19 Education Recovery Group (CERG) Secretariat Learning Directorate | Scottish Government

Letter to Parents and Carers

Dear FamiliesPlease find below a letter to all parents/carers from Lorna French, Acting Head of Schools, which has been emailed to all families. LF-Letter-to-Parents_carers_Sept21Download Lorna French | Acting Head of Schools and Lifelong Learning and Chief Education Officer Waverley Court | 4 East Market Street | Edinburgh | EH8 8BG