English Language and Additional Languages (1+2)

There are two parts to learning in Languages. The first is about the language your child needs to be fully involved in their society and in learning English. The second is learning additional languages.

What will my child learn?

Each area of the curriculum is broken down into experiences and outcomes. You can download experiences and outcomes for:

  • literacy and English
  • modern languages

Language Learning – a 1+2 Approach

For more information about the 1+2 approach to modern languages you can visit Education Scotland’s section for teachers on Language Learning – a 1+2 Approach.

At Sciennes, your child will experience learning Spanish from Primary 1. This language is referred to as Language 2 (L2). Language 1 (L1) is the language you speak at home. Some of our pupils currently learn French as (L2) or Language 3 (L3) from Primary 5.

By 2021, from Primary 5 onward, we aim that our pupils will learn both Spanish and French as additional languages (L2) and (L3).

Scots language

​The European Commission for Minority Languages, the UK Government and the Scottish Government all recognise Scots as a minority language that needs to be supported. Just like English and Gaelic, Scots is one of the three ‘home’ languages of Scotland. While all three languages receive the same respect, English is the main language that is taught in most Scottish schools, with Gaelic the main language in Gaelic Medium Education. Scots is a language that is often celebrated at certain times of the year, such as St Andrew’s Day, Hogmanay or perhaps at a Burns Supper in January.


At Sciennes, we learn Spanish and French

Cluster 1+2

Leading Languages in James Gillepsie’s High School Cluster. Skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work.

Published Authors

Since 2010, we have worked with former Sciennes’ parent (and published author herself), Mary Turner Thomsom on a number of very exciting projects, enabling literally hundreds of our children to be in the enviable position of being published authors themselves

Comedy Festival

Developing the Talking and Listening Benchmarks through a whole school Comedy Festival.