Staff Team


Senior Learning Team (SLT)

Andrew M Hunter Headteacher Sciennnes Primary School

Mr Andrew Hunter
Head Teacher

The overall responsibility for all pupils in the school lies with Head Teacher, Andrew Hunter. In a school with 665 pupils, however, it is necessary to delegate responsibility for stages to Senior Staff.

Parents should make initial contact with the relevant Senior Staff member, should there be any issues regarding their child. Appointments can be made through Mrs Brenda Ellis, our Receptionist, on 0131 667 1243 or email: 

Ms Carolyn Anstruther Depute Head Teacher
Early Years
Ms Anstruther has responsibility for Nursery and Primary One
Ms Anstruther began her teaching career at Bruntsfield Primary where she was soon promoted to Senior Teacher, the first in Edinburgh to have a Media Studies remit. She was successfully appointed Senior Teacher at Sciennes in 1998 and has played an instrumental role in leading initiatives in school throughout her career, most notably in Art and Design and in establishing the School Library. Ms Anstruther has been Acting Depute Headteacher since June 2010 and was successfully appointed to the post of Depute Headteacher in February 2012.

Mr Andrew Hunter Headteacher has overall responsibility for Primary Four, supported by three Depute Headteachers – Ms Carolyn Anstruther, Mr John Armstrong and Ms Lucy Gallagher – and Principal Teacher Miss Jenni McGrouther.

Ms Lucy Gallagher Depute Head Teacher

Upper School P5-P7
Ms Gallagher has responsibility for Primary Five, Six and Seven
Ms Gallagher began her teaching career in 1990 at Sciennes and was seconded to City of Edinburgh in 1999 as ICT Development Officer, working with nursery, primary, secondary and special schools across the city. She returned to Sciennes in 2004 and was seconded as a Curriculum Development Officer within Boroughmuir and James Gillespie’s Clusters to develop Literacy, Numeracy, Assessment and Transition, whilst also teaching ICT with classes at Sciennes and maintaining the school website. She returned to full-time teaching and became Principal Teacher in 2008, taking on the role of Acting Depute Headteacher in June 2010 and appointed Depute Headteacher in September 2012.

Mr John ArmstrongDepute Head Teacher
P2 and P3
Mr Armstrong has responsibility for Primary Two and Three
Mr Armstrong joined Sciennes from Davidson’s Mains Primary School in November 2019 as Principal Teacher and was appointed Depute Headteacher in June 2021.

Miss Jenni McGrouther, Principal Teacher

Mr Steve Davies, Business Manager Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Science Specialist Mr Mark McKenna

P.E. Specialists Mrs Cynthia Berry (W), Mr Gregor Hutchison (M-Th)

Teaching Staff

Class Teachers 2021-2022 – Click on Classes  on left to view Teacher videos

P1AMiss Aisling Rogerson8
P1BMrs Fiona Barker / Mr John Armstrong, DHT (F)6
P1CMrs Emma Kidd7
P2AMrs Lucy Walker / Mrs Jo Lake (W)3
P2BMrs Jo Lake (M,T,F) / Mrs Holli Barton (W,Th)5
P2CMiss Sophie Mitchell4
P3AMs Jenny Gaffney (M,T,W) / Mr Forrest Howie (Th,F)2
P3BMs Ali MacKintosh (M,T,Alt F) / Mrs Lauren Thomas
(W,Th,Alt F)
P3CMrs Lynsey McCracken (Miss Charlotte Kulwilm until Oct)1
P4AMrs Samanda CampbellHut 2
P4BMs Lindsay Dodds (M-W)/ Mrs Jenny O'Hara (Th, F)Hut 1
P4CMr Stavros Tsarnas11
P5AMiss Anna Wittland12
P5BMr David Mitchell14
P5CMs Fiona Sellar / Mr Gregor Hutchison /(f)16
P6AMr Jamie Gilchrist17
P6BMs Wendy French22
P6CMrs Katherine Clark13
P7AMs Jenni McGrouther (PT)21
P7BMrs Jane Maguire24
P7CMs Daryl Gladstone23

Additional Support for Learning (ASL) Team

ASL Specialists
PEF Support
Mrs Jenny O’Hara
English as an Additional Language  (EAL)
Mrs Sarah Johnstone
Bilingual Support Teacher
Mrs Haizhen Sellar

Support Staff

Mrs Brenda Ellis

Office Support
Ms Fiona Bandeen

Pupil Support Assistants
Mrs Katherine Peace
Mrs Aliya Tariq
Mrs Helen Robertson
Mrs Linda Carson
Ms Zina Anisimoviene
Mrs Rona Mechen
Mrs Freda Mitchell
Ms Halyna Kancir
Ms Jasmine Harrison
Ms Leanne Crawford
Mrs Shahida Mehmood Pupil Support Assistant/Playground Supervisor
Playground Supervisors
Mr Scott Robertson
Mr Steven Wilson
Dining Hall Supervisor
Mrs Aliya Tariq
Service Support Officers
Mr Neil Scott
Mr John Reid

Visiting Specialists

Physical Education Specialists
Mrs Cynthia Berry
Active Sports Co-ordinator
Mr Eliot Ambrose
Swimming Teachers (Aug-Oct)
Mr Przemek Struzik
Mr Mario Sanchez
Ms Holly Nicholson
Ms Nicola Elliot
Mr Ignacius Marquez
Viola/ Violin Tuition
Miss Tess Moran
Woodwind Tuition
Mr Rob Ironside
Languages Co-ordinator
Miss Jennifer McGrouther

Maternity Leave

PEF Mrs Kat Ross