Rights Respecting Sciennes 2017-2018

Our Rights Journey Began in September 2015

Sciennes was awarded Bronze ‘Rights Committed’ in October 2015 and Level One Silver ‘Rights Aware’ in May 2016.


Sciennes Rights Respecting Timeline

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World’s Largest Lesson Returns 18th September 17.08.2017

Gearing up for our third year at Sciennes Primary learning and teaching about the 17 Sustainable Development Global Goals.
Tell everyone
Get creative

Take action

Sciennes Values Respect 18.08.2017

On Friday 18th August 2017 we welcomed Primary Four pupils and all new pupils to their first upper school assembly. We also welcomed Miss Jennifer Ferguson and Miss Sophie Mitchell to the Primary Five team.This year, we are revisiting our school vision and values so pupils were invited to think about what is most important to us in the Sciennes Family.  We are extremely grateful to parent Emma Kirk (CEO User Vision and Convenor of the Parent Council Communications Group) who recently led an excellent session to help the whole staff revisit and reflect on our vision and values. Pupil Council leaders will soon be elected, one from each class P2-P7, who will then be able to join in on discussions and support the process.

We explored ways to respect everyone’s right to be safe and right to learn at Sciennes. Primary Seven pupils helped explain what ‘The Golden Rule’ means.

Showing respect universally unites us all: in the classroom, in the school and beyond, as global citizens.  Brad Montague’s moving film ‘ Smuggling Hope’ was shown to help us all continue to believe that we can all make a difference by upholding our values.

Be The Captain of Your Ship 25.08.2017

On Friday 25th August 2017 we introduced pupils to Skipper, the lead character in a Health and Wellbeing programme called ‘Building Resilience’ which has been developed by a group of Edinburgh staff led by Karen Richmond (South Morningside Primary) and Pattie Santelices (Principal Officer Mental Health & Welllbeing, City of Edinburgh Council.) The programme complements and re-enforces our own Health and Wellbeing programme, developed by Carolyn Anstruther and staff, with support from our Parent Council Health and Wellbeing group, and well established over several years.Primary Seven pupils from P7B helped introduce ten strategies that we will focus on throughout the year to help our pupils build resilience to support good mental health. We all got on our feet to sing ‘Stronger’ and considered Kid President’s message that things in life may not always be ‘awesome’, but our response can be. Pupils were invited to research ‘Resilience Role Models’ at home and create a poster. A selection will be shared at next week’s Assembly.

We congratulated our two Fringe Festival actresses Hannah and Faye who have had rave reviews on stage. Zoe in P4A wowed us with her Spanish language skills and we celebrated Aiden and Louis’ tremendous achievements competing in an international mathematics competition in Beijing over the summer holiday.

Pupils were reminded that Pupil Council and ECO rep elections will soon take place and to prepare speeches if they wish to stand for election.

Article 24

You have the right to the best health possible and to medical care and information.

Resilience Role Models 01.09.2017

On Friday 1st September 2017, Mr Howie led the P4-7 Assembly, continuing our ‘Building Resilience’ Health and Wellbeing focus by exploring Resilience Role Models and different types of role model. Mr Howie particularly focused on Teddy Roosevelt, engagingly telling the story of his fascinating, inspiring life and how he strove to overcome adversity and take on personal challenges. Mr Howie also highlighted links with some of the ten ‘Be Resilient’ toolkit strategies (from a City of Edinburgh HWB programme) that we will be exploring further this year.

Pupils from P7A helped launch our annual P6 and P7 Junior Awards Scheme for Schools (JASS) and we celebrated recent pupil achievements.

Article 24

You have the right to the best health possible and to medical care and information.

Challenge Yourself! Challenge Your Mindset! 08.09.2017

On Friday 8th September 2017 we explored ‘Challenge Your Mindset’  which is one of ten strategies in City of Edinburgh’s Health and Wellbeing programme for “Building Resilience.” The programme complements Sciennes’ existing HWB work, successfully led by DHT Ms Carolyn Anstruther and staff and parent School Improvement groups over many years.

Pupils were encouraged to maintain a Growth Mindset and were reminded that their abilities need not be fixed. Believing that achievement is possible is important, but lots of effort and determination and being open to make and learn from mistakes are also keys to success. We watched videos from Class Dojo and Sport Scotland to encourage us to keep challenging ourselves and keep persevering in our efforts.

Miss McGrouther’s P6B class has created a display with inspiring quotes on self belief entitled “Believe in Your #Selfie.” Ivy and Alba researched leadership quotes for homework, working hard to impress their teacher with their extra efforts, and shared these at Assembly.

The first Maths Week Scotland takes place next week and Ms Mackintosh is leading many maths events and activities in school.  Some classes are also taking part in a national Sumdog competition, in school, at home or both.

Today, 8th September, is International Literacy Day and pupils have been invited to take part in the First Minister’s Reading Challenge again this year. Reading passports have been ordered and reading challenges will take place throughout the year. One of the first is to join a local library, which then gives access to dozens of free resources such as Mathletics and ebooks.

This week P7C pupils assisted at Assembly in a quiz and in celebrating pupil achievements.

Article 24

You have the right to the best health possible and to medical care and information.

Global Goals House Assemblies 15.9.17

On Friday 15th September 2017 we held our first House Assemblies of the new session for P2-P7 and welcomed P2 pupils to their first ever House Assembly for Grange, Lauder, Sienna and Tantallon.

In November 2015 Sciennes achieved a Bronze Award and in May 2016, Sciennes achieved a Silver (Level One) “Rights Respecting School” award. We are working towards Gold accreditation (Level Two), achievable within three years of Silver. Our journey so far has been recorded on our Rights Respecting Sciennes Timeline. We asked pupils what it means to be a UNCRC Rights Respecting School and reminded them this includes being a Global Citizen, respecting other people’s rights.

We first introduced our pupils to the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development when they were launched in September 2015. By 2030 these aim to:

End extreme poverty
Fight inequality & injustice
Fix climate change

On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs.) Two years on, we watched a rap to help us understand all the goals better.

2018 is the Year of Young People and we asked the children to think about and share their ideas for being #Goalkeepers, like Malala, Barack Obama and Bill and Melinda Gates. What world do they want to see by 2030?

‘The World’s Largest Lesson Part Three’ has a food theme this year and we will be exploring this and other relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) throughout the year. P3 will again be leading a whole school Harvest Appeal. Last year they successfully led donations to a local Foodbank charity and this year they are supporting the Send a Cow to Africa charity.

15th September is the International Day for Democracy. Congratulations to our newly elected Pupil Council members who will be the voice of their classmates throughout the year and will also be our Rights Respecting Schools Ambassadors. The results of the ECO Rep elections were also announced for each House.

Article 12

You have the right to an opinion and for it to be listened to and taken seriously.

Article 29

The right to education which develops your personality, respect for others’ rights and the environment.

What World Do You Want to See By 2030? 22.09.2017

On Friday 22nd September 2017 we celebrated Global Goals Week with a look at what action is already taking place at Sciennes Primary to support the Sustainable Development Global Goals (SDGs). We invited the  children to design their own Global Goals glasses to reflect the world they want to see by 2030 and asked them to think about which actions they could take this year to be Global #Goalkeepers. We asked pupils to take their Global Goals glasses home and ask their families if they are aware of the Sustainable Development Goals. Which of the Global Goals does your family support and why?

Global Goals Glasses

Our three P3 classes are taking action on SDG1, SDG2 and SDG3 by leading a whole school Harvest Appeal in support of the charity ‘Send A Cow to Africa’ and a speaker will address both Assemblies next week.

The Kid’s Guide to Send a Cow from Send a Cow on Vimeo.

This week, in Scottish Climate Week, P7 have been taking action on SDG13 (Climate Action) by presenting 17 000 consultation responses to the Scottish Government’s forthcoming Climate Bill with Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and Friends of the Earth. Eco Schools Scotland invited Faye, Sorley and Lucy to participate as a direct result of P7A’s work on air pollution last year with Mr Hutchison, Mr McKenna, Ms Christie and SEPA. The pupils cycled to Parliament from school to hand over the responses to Roseanna Cunningham, Cabinet Secretary for the Environment.

Faye, Sorley and Lucy told everyone about their visit to Parliament with Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

Newly elected P6 Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) Lyall, Essie and Anna shared details about their invitation to a training session at City Chambers, designed to support them in their lead role this year. Lyall explained that there had been workshops and one was on air quality, as a direct result of P7A’s involvement with SEPA last year. Essie updated everyone on the Hands Up Scotland Travel Survey they organised and that baseline information has been added to our Living Streets Travel Tracker. Anna shared that the JRSOs will work with classes to help them use the Travel Tracker again this year to track active travel.

Supporting the world’s plan for sustainable development using the Global Goals will help us all stand up for rights and P7C pupils this week articulately explained their understanding of the UNCRC to the Minister for Young People, Mark MacDonald, at a special celebratory event arranged by Together Scotland. Many thanks to Juliet Harris and Liz Millerfield for organising a very special ‘picnic’ lunch for the children, in recognition of all their hard work with artists Joanna, Yonnie and Lyver in creating fabulous UNCRC artwork on panels destined for the Scottish Parliament.

P7C pupils meet Mark MacDonald MSP at Together Scotland offices in Rosebery House

There was recognition for Ms MacKintosh in successfully leading engagement with Maths Week Scotland and for Ms Christie in leading a uniquely innovative and adventurous programme of cycling for P6.

P4A showed their wonderful ‘Resilience Role Model’ posters and Anjalie in P4 was also congratulated on her terrific Mindset poster.

We reminded pupils that to stay safe they should come back into the School Office if the person coming to collect them up is delayed.

We look forward to hearing pupils’ ideas for being part of the Global Goals plan, making a difference at Sciennes, in the local community and beyond.

When Will There Be A Harvest for the World? P3 Making a Difference 29.09.2017

On Friday 29th September 2017 at both Assemblies, a group of P3 pupils joined Send A Cow Ambassador, Robert Stephens, in presenting how they are taking action as global citizens in support of four of the Sustainable Development Goals and acting to ‘Make A Difference.’

Our three Primary Three classes are again leading the whole school Harvest Appeal with their Class Teachers and DHT Ms Anstruther, which this year is in support of the Send a Cow charity.

Each child in P3 is producing hand drawn collection envelopes which will be distributed to each of our families. If all our families contributed £1 we would reach a goal of £640 and be able to gift a cow to a family in Africa. Primary Three pupils are taking on different young workforce lead roles for their appeal campaign, such as Communications Teams, Publicity Teams and Finance Teams.

Send a Cow Ambassador, Robert Stephens, spoke with passion and eloquence to explain to the children how the charity works with families in Africa to provide training in not only animal husbandry but also in sanitation, irrigation and keyhole farming. He relayed the story of Jennifer whom he had visited in Uganda and saw first hand the huge difference the project had made to her life and that of her family. Jennifer was able not only to provide milk and vegetables for her own family, but could sell surplus at market to pay for tools, medicine and schooling. Perhaps most telling was Robert’s final slide which showed that Jennifer had reached such a self-sufficient stage that she was able to purchase an ornamental vase, merely because she ‘liked it.’

Primary Three invited everyone to help Make A Difference by supporting their appeal with donations in the envelopes and also contributing to their planned bake sale on Friday 13th October.  We wish them great success in their endeavours and thank Robert for his gracious time supporting the children.

Article 29

The right to education which develops your personality, respect for others’ rights and the environment.

Year of Young People 6.10.17

On Friday 6th October 2017 at the P4-7 Assembly, we promoted Primary Three’s Harvest Appeal and celebrated the many other ways that Sciennes’ pupils are taking the lead in school events. We encouraged everyone to think about they can get involved in making a difference in The Year of Young People 2018.

P3 Raise an Amazing £3320 for Send A Cow Charity! 27.10.2017

On Friday 27th October Mrs Noble led the P1-3 and P4-7 Harvest Assemblies and we welcomed local Minister Stuart Irvin from St Catherine’s of Argyll who told an Old Testament story about Ruth to help us think about how we can help others.

Mrs Noble led both Harvest Assemblies
Rev Stuart Irvin, St Catherine’s of Argyll Church
Robert Stephens made a welcome return to accept a cheque from P3 on behalf of Send A Cow

Robert Stephens, Send a Cow Ambassador, joined us to collect a cheque for an amazing £1660! The Government has undertaken to match fund that amount, doubling it to an incredible  £3320! Thank you to all Sciennes’ families for such kind generosity in supporting the Primary Three led Harvest charity appeal by contributing donations in their handmade envelopes and providing or buying wonderful homemade treats at the P3 Bake Sale held before the October break. Congratulations to Ms Anstruther and the P3 Team of pupils and staff for such a successful initiative, making a real difference to families in Africa through Send A Cow’s commendable sustainable development projects.

Parent Mrs Lorna Nunn spoke at the upper school Assembly to inform pupils that the P6/7 Tuesday lunchtime Scripture Union club resumes next week. Interested pupils can pick up a form from Mrs Noble and online registration details have been emailed to families.

Pupils taking the lead is a feature at Sciennes and we noted the many existing and new initiatives driving forward pupil participation and pupil voice, including P7 pupil Catherine who is working with Ms Kennedy, Miss Thistlethwaite and a group of pupils in next week’s Dyslexia Awareness Week. Our JRSOs distributed reflective Be Seen Be Safe badges, donated by a local Coop business, to all 650 pupils in readiness for the clock change at the weekend and the darkening evenings ahead.

Recent pupil achievements were celebrated and Primary Seven pupils were highly commended for their team work, positive attitudes and kindness in an excellent week at Lagganlia Outdoor Education Week, praised by our staff and Lagganlia Instructors alike.

Article 29

The right to education which develops your personality, respect for others’ rights and the environment.

Dyslexia Awareness Week 6th-10th November 3.11.2017

Sciennes is a Dyslexia Friendly school. On Friday 3rd November 2017 we featured Dyslexia Awareness in both P1-3 and P4-7 Assemblies, following Dyslexia Scotland’s theme of ‘Positive About Dyslexia’.A slideshow showing famous scientists, inventors, business people, musicians, writers, artists and actors, who are said to have dyslexia, was shown as pupils were entering and leaving the Hall.

Ms Kennedy and Miss Thistlethwaite have been working with groups of dyslexic pupils who will deliver year group presentations to P4-P7 next week, in Dyslexia Awareness Week. A group of P7 pupils gave an excellent presentation at the P1-3 Assembly and P7 pupil Catherine is leading the distribution of blue ribbons next week. Video clips were shown to help explain dyslexia and develop positive attitudes towards having dyslexia and also towards dyslexic pupils who have to work hard to overcome associated challenges.


Interested pupils were invited to speak to families about attending the launch of a new Dyslexia Scotland website ‘Unwrapped’ for dyslexic children to be held at Central Library on George IV Bridge Thursday 9th November 5.30pm-8pm.


P7 pupils will be selling poppies next week and Mr Howie explained the significance of this.

All pupils were encouraged to have safe and happy celebrations on Bonfire Night.

Article 2

You have the right to protection against discrimination.

Article 28

You have the right to education.

Pupils Take The Lead! 17.11.2017

On Friday 17th November 2017 we celebrated the many ways our pupils continue to take the lead, ahead of UN World Children’s Day on Monday 20th November. We watched a UNICEF film, made by children, for children, to inspire action.

Sixteen House and Sports Captains were introduced and we congratulated everyone who applied, encouraging all Primary Seven pupils to keep being excellent prefects and role models.

P7 pupils Niamh and Alice approached our Senior Leadership earlier in the term, inspired to take action by a BBC documentary (No More Boys and Girls – Can Our Kids Go Gender Free?) on gender bias, set in a school in England. Both girls recently spoke at a whole staff meeting, inviting all classes P1-P7 to take part in a survey designed to investigate gender bias in our own school. 650 boys and girls were asked to draw their future occupations and Niamh and Alice analysed results to explore attitudes. They presented their findings at Assembly and have many other ideas for challenging views and raising awareness of gender equality.

Mr Howie gave an inspirational presentation designed to encourage everyone to be the ‘best version’ of themselves possible, taking small actions to make a difference to others.

Six classes – our entire P6 and P7 year groups – are working with Ms Pearmain and class teachers to take the lead in supporting the Winter Fair on Saturday 25th November 12pm-3pm in #iwill Week. Sorla and Eliza explained how P6 have taken on Virgin Money’s challenge to ‘Make £5 Grow‘ and Henry explained P7’s equally enterprising approaches to fundraising. Thank you to Mr McKenna for all his support in creating magical boxes in the Science and Technology lab.

Our ECO reps met with Mr Hutchison and Miss Ferguson this week and are taking the lead on Switch Off Fortnight. Our P6 JRSOs asked everyone to wear something bright or reflective next week at their Road Safety Assembly.

P4B girls highlighted the need to ask first if equipment or toys are being used, before taking. They reminded everyone to ‘treat others as you would like to be treated’, follow the ‘Three Steps’ and work together to make sure we respect everyone’s right to be happy and safe in our playground.

Pupils were reminded that they should always come back into school if an adult is unexpectedly not there to pick them up at the end of the day.

House Captains congratulated pupils on recent achievements and announced that Tantallon is leading in House points this week.

Grange House – Maisie, James
Grange Sports – Iain, Flora
Lauder House – Fraser, Molly
Lauder Sports – Eilidh, Sam S
Sienna House – Sophia, Sam B
Sienna Sports – Louis, Emma
Tantallon House – Alice, Caspar
Tantallon Sports – Saad, Arwen

Next week’s P4-7 Assembly will take place immediately after P1-3 Assembly 9.50-10.30am to allow Hall space for nativity rehearsals.

Article 2

You have the right to protection against discrimination.

Article 12

You have the right to an opinion and for it to be listened to and taken seriously.

Leading To Leave a Legacy 24.11.17

On Friday 24th November our three P6 Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs) took the lead to encourage everyone to be bright and be seen this winter and showed a video to explain why 20mph speed limits make roads safer. Mrs Gibb and P4C received reflective prizes for being the most brightly dressed.

The Pupil Council is leading a consultation on a proposal to extend the playground and everyone in the Hall was asked to signal with a show of hands if they were in favour. Pupil Council reps from P2-P7 are also debating this proposal in class and collecting feedback comments for Mrs Noble.

Mr Howie led an inspirational presentation, designed to help pupils realise how they can take the lead to work individually and as a team to create and leave a lasting legacy, using the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team’s philosophies as a theme.

P7 Sports Captains led congratulations on pupils’ recent achievements and issued certificates to P7 Sportshall Athletics Finalists.

Article 12

You have the right to an opinion and for it to be listened to and taken seriously.

Rightly Proud! 13.12.2017

What a wonderful, memorable experience for our young people – Arwen, Thomas, Alma, Luis, Eilidh, Isaac, Eamon and Rachel – to have an opportunity to present their Together Alliance UNCRC mural of Children’s Rights at the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday 13th December 2017, hosted by Deputy Presiding Officer Linda Fabiani MSP and with a presentation from Maree Todd MSP, Minister for Childcare and Early Years.
P7 Sciennes pupils with MYSPs Joel, Suki and Thomas and Maree Todd MSP
Juliet Harris and Liz Millership (Together), Maree Todd MSP and Linda Fabiani MSP
2017 State of Children’s Rights in Scotland published today

We were all rightly proud of our pupils’ fantastic artwork and their confidence in presenting to such an esteemed group of adults, gathered Together to launch the 2017 Report into the State of Children’s Rights in Scotland. It was a delight to see their artwork feature in the newly released publication and a joy to see Arwen find a picture of herself when she opened the booklet.

Thank you very much to Juliet Harris and Liz Millership from Together for looking after us so well and making everyone feel welcome and at ease. Particular thanks to all the parents who accompanied and supported the children’s participation in this very special event.
Rightly proud pupils and parents
P7 explain the journey along the seven panels of their child rights mural, from ‘The Policy Factory’  panel where children’s voices are excluded to ‘The Meadow of Rights’ panel where “everyone can be who they are” and have their voices heard.

Cathy McCulloch (Director) and Chelsea Stinson, Children’s Voices Project Manager from the Children’s Parliament (based at Summerhall) approached us last year with this very exciting opportunity to work with Together – the Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights.


As part of a seminar series on children’s rights in law, practice and policy, Together and the Scottish Universities Insight Institute worked with international delegates to ensure that children and young people play a key role and that key messages from the seminars are accessible to everyone. Together commissioned artists Joanna Boyce, Yonnie and Lyver to work with our then P6 pupils to present key messages in a creative and engaging way. Three young people who had attended the seminars (Joel, Thomas and Suki) interpreted the key messages and themes then our P6 pupils (now P7) worked closely with the artists to visualise the imagery suggested, for example ‘rights in the clouds’, ‘a policy factory’, ‘a meadow of rights’ and ‘connected Together in a daisy chain.’

Having adopted the name ‘The Clan of Children’s Rights’, this group of pupils will continue supporting and developing our rights based learning at Sciennes (particularly in the Year of Young People 2018) and we sincerely thank all involved in this project for helping them gain the confidence, understanding and enthusiasm to take a lead role within our school.

Article 42

All adults and children should know about this convention.

Article 12

You have the right to an opinion and for it to be listened to and taken seriously.

P5 Carol Singing Raises £510 for @crisis_uk! 15.12.2017

We were incredibly proud of all the Primary 5 pupils today, for the continued effort and hard work they have put into our homelessness project.

This morning’s carol singing was a huge success and we have managed to raise an incredible £510 for the charity Crisis. Thank you to all the families that turned up to support us. It was really appreciated! And grateful thanks to Hometech Integration for their very generous donation.

We hope you have a cosy weekend to warm up and rest those voices!

Ms French, Ms Pearmain, Ms Mackintosh, Miss Ferguson, Mr Howie, Miss Mitchell 

Read more about P5 Homeless project here.

Very well done to Miss Mitchell for braving the freezing cold to take part in Social Bite’s Sleep in the Park last weekend https://www.sleepinthepark.co.uk/social-bite 
and to all P5 pupils and staff for their inspiring commitment to raising awareness about Homelessness.

Article 26

You have the right to help from the government if you are poor or in need.

Article 27

You have the right to have a good enough standard of living.

Youthquake is Word of the Year 2017 #YOYP2018 7.1.2018

The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2017 is… youthquake.
The noun, youthquake, is defined as ‘a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people’.

At Sciennes, we have already been encouraging and readying pupils for taking action in the Year of Young People 2018 (heralded in at Edinburgh Hogmanay’s Torchlight Procession) and we look forward to continuing to develop pupil participation throughout the year.

Article 12

You have the right to an opinion and for it to be listened to and taken seriously.

On the Right Path 13.1.2018

At Sciennes, we have achieved a UNICEF Silver Level One award as a Rights Respecting School and we are on the right path to achieving a Gold Level Two award. Our Pupil Council and a group of eight P7 pupils (calling themselves The Clan of Children’s Rights) are continuing to lead and shape our journey. Watch this space for ways that you can support us to Go for Gold!

Thursday 31st May 2018

Have A Goal House Assemblies 15.1.18 #YOYP2018

On Monday 15th January 2018 we welcomed back pupils by holding our first House Assemblies of the new year for Grange (Ms Anstruther), Lauder (Ms Gallagher), Sienna (Ms Pearmain) and Tantallon (Mrs Noble). House and Sports Captains explained ‘The Year of Young People‘, reflected on goals already achieved, shared their own goals for the coming year and asked pupils to think about their own goals.Grange House – Maisie, James
Grange Sports – Iain, Flora
Lauder House – Fraser, Molly
Lauder Sports – Eilidh, Sam S
Sienna House – Sophia, Sam B
Sienna Sports – Louis, Emma
Tantallon House – Alice, Caspar
Tantallon Sports – Saad, Arwen

As part of the Scottish Government’s programme of themed years, 2018 is the Year of Young People (YoYP 2018).

YoYP 2018 activities and events are focusing on six themes that young people identified as most important for them as young Scots:

  • Participation – looking at how young people can influence public services and decisions which affect their lives
  • Education – creating a stronger role for young people in shaping their learning
  • Health and Wellbeing –supporting young people to lead healthier, active lives and have opportunities to learn about and improve their mental health and resilience
  • Equality and Discrimination – broadcasting the value of young Scots, challenging negative perceptions of young people, and supporting young people to take leading roles in challenging discrimination in all its forms.
  • Enterprise and Regeneration – celebrating young people’s role in innovation, entrepreneurship and the Scottish economy as well as making Scotland a greener and more pleasant place to live
  • Culture –celebrating young people’s talent and contribution to Scottish culture and arts.

Great to see almost all of our pupils in school uniform, and we appreciate parental support in continuing to encourage this. Warm, hooded jackets with hats, gloves and scarves at the ready, please, for the colder weather.

Article 2

You have the right to protection against discrimination.

Article 12

You have the right to an opinion and for it to be listened to and taken seriously.

Participate! in the Year of Young People #YOYP2018 26.1.2018

On Friday 26th January 2018 we celebrated the many ways pupils are already participating and making their voices heard.P6 pupils Eve and Hannah told everyone about their recent visit to the ‘Burns Unbroke’ Exhibition at Summerhall, including an ‘Oor Rabbie’ performance by Andy Cannon. This was a follow up to two wonderful art workshops with the artist Ciara Veronica Dunne where the class explored the poem Tam O’Shanter, chose favourite scenes from the poem and used Indian ink to create final masterpieces now on display at Summerhall. Huge congratulations to James H, Hugo and Oscar whose recreation of Alloway Kirk was chosen as the winning design for a Burns Unbroke tote bag. A wonderful opportunity to pARTicipate in one of the first Year of Young People events.

P7 Grange Captains Flora, Iain, Maisie and David explained their plans for a House Quiz and P6 pupil Dylan encouraged everyone to take part in the RSPB Big Garden Watch at the weekend. P7 pupil Camille explained her idea for creating Bug Hotels with the ECO Group. We are grateful for advice and encouragement from Anne O’Connell and Sarah Tolley organiser of the Meadows Community garden and head of community group “Greening our Street.” P4 Fern and P7 Alejandro showed their new ECO Suggestion Boxes and siblings P5 Sam and P6 Eliza encouraged us to participate in forthcoming Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club events.

P7 pupils Isaac and Nils explained their Marathon in a Month idea to raise awareness of Asthma UK which will be supported by PE Specialist Mrs Walker at P7.

Pupil Council members were at Blackwell’s Bookshop with Ms French today and will report back on their suggestions for purchases. P7 pupil Niamh shared examples of books which provide strong female role models and will also contribute her ideas for future book purchases at school.

Sports Captains congratulated the P7 Basketball Team on their recent win in the first round of the Hope Trust Basketball Cup and presented certificates. Thank you to PE Specialist Mrs Walker for organising and running the event and to Mrs Tariq for accompanying the team.

Everyone was encouraged to continue to ‘Participate! ‘and ‘Have a Goal’ this session, sharing and celebrating achievements with us.

Article 12

You have the right to an opinion and for it to be listened to and taken seriously.

Article 15

You have the right to be with friends and join or set up clubs— unless this breaks the rights of others.

Article 29

You have the right to education which develops your personality, respect for others’ rights and the environment.

Article 31

You have the right to play and relax by doing things like sport, music and drama.

Think Global, Act Local #showthelove 2.2.2018

Sciennes Think Global, Act Local Assembly 2.2.18 from Sciennes Primary School

On Friday 2nd February we were delighted to welcome a delegation of eight teachers and staff from Laugarnesskóli Primary School in Reykjavik. Laugarnesskóli is the first Icelandic school to gain a Silver Unicef Rights Respecting Schools Award and we welcomed the opportunity to share practice and ideas.  After a tour of the school and classrooms, the Headteacher (Sigridur Heida Bragadottir) very kindly spoke at Assembly and gifted a beautiful book about Iceland for our Library. We are really looking forward to establishing a new International partnership between our schools. Like Sciennes, Laugarnesskóli is working towards its fifth green ECO flag and it would be wonderful to link on Eco topics too.

As global citizens, pupils were encourage to participate in this year’s Climate Coalition #showthelove climate action campaign, by noticing and recording evidence of climate change over the next few weeks.

We concluded Week Three of our City of Edinburgh ‘Be Resilient’ Health and Wellbeing topic ‘Have a Goal’ by sharing pupil examples of goals they have recently set as a family.

Sigridur Heida Bragadottir, Headteacher of Rights Respecting School Laugarnesskóli, Reykjavik, Iceland addressing Assembly

Connect with Respect 23.2.2018

Create, Connect and Share with Respect‘ is this year’s Safer Internet theme and ties with our City of Edinburgh Health and Wellbeing ‘Be Resilient’ topic – ‘Be Kind to Others’.

On Friday 23rd February 2018 we welcomed P.C. Alan Jenkins (Schools Liaison Officer for James Gillespie’s and Boroughmuir High Cluster Schools) to give a presentation on safer, respectful use of the Internet as part of our schoolwide Digital Safety month. P.C. Jenkins described the Internet being a place rather than a thing and used a clever analogy, comparing it to a Library, which was perfectly pitched for our P4-7 pupils to understand, in terms of benefits and risks.

P.C. Jenkins and P.C. Fowler delivered a Safer Internet presentation

P.C. Jenkins is soon to begin a secondment to Barra in the Western Isles so introduced us to P.C. Amy Fowler who will take over from him in working with our schools over the next six months.

Nine P6 pupils spoke confidently and articulately about the impact of our recent residential to Benmore Outdoor Education Centre and the entire year group was thanked and praised for an outstanding week of team work, cooperation and kindness to one another.

Special tribute was paid to our very own Outdoor Learning Queen, Business Manager Ms Angela Christie, who is retiring at Easter having given her sterling support on countless residential trips to both Benmore and Lagganlia for countless young people.

Article 17

You have the right to collect information from the media.

Article 19

You have the right to be protected from being hurt or badly treated.

Be Kind to Others 9.3.18

On Friday 9th March 2018 we continued with our ‘Be Kind to Others’ topic from City of Edinburgh’s Health and Wellbeing ‘Be Resilient’ programme. Pupils from P4 and P6 shared their learning on the topic and gave examples of acts of kindness.

We welcomed Austrian Primary Education students Elisabeth and Daniela and bade fond farewell to Erasmus French teaching student Elodie (from Lyons) and Erasmus Spanish trainee teacher Adriano (from Madrid University) thanking them for all their tremendous support at school.

Our P7 House and Sports Captains have been busily working for several weeks with the Fiona Denvir, Bethan McEwan and Cathy McCormack from the Parent Council to redesign and plan our annual school fundraising events. P7 Captains Flora, Caspar and James introduced their new logo and explained their ideas for P1-4 to continue to take part in a Swimathon, while P5-P7 will take part in a new ‘Meadows Mayhem’ obstacle course.

P7 pupil Isaac updated us on his ‘Marathon in a Month’ campaign with brother Reuben to raise awareness and funds for Asthma UK and explained how others can take part, to raise funds for Asthma UK, or for Sport Relief or simply just to participate.

Emily and friends in P7 told everyone about their Sport Relief Bake Sale on Friday 16th March at 12pm in the playground and P7 Sports Captains will continue to sell wristbands for £1.

Alice, Niamh and Margret talked about International Women’s Day and updated everyone on their P1 and P2 survey about gender equality. P2 pupils and Girl Guides Penny and Catriona were congratulated on their launch of the Citizen Girl campaign.

P6 pupils Rory, Isla, Ellie and Evie promoted their annual Easter Egg Foodbank Appeal running from 12th – 23rd March. There will be an opportunity to donate eggs at Parent Consultations on Tuesday 20th and Thursday 22nd March.

What a wonderful P6/7 Disco!

P6/7 Cross Country were congratulated on their participation in the recent EPSSA event at the Meadows where P6 Anna and P6 Dylan both received a 4th place medal.

Huge congratulations to Sean, Evie, Katharine and Tomos on their outstanding success at the recent Edinburgh Semi Final of Euroquiz, as Runners Up, only one point behind eventual winners Stewart Melville’s after an unprecedented TWO tie breaking sudden death rounds. Congratulations to Stewart Melville’s who will now progress to the Final at Parliament.

Article 12

You have the right to an opinion and for it to be listened to and taken seriously.

Get ‘Reddy’ for Sport Relief 16.3.18

On Friday 16th March 2018 we got ‘reddy’ for Sport Relief 2018, continuing our focus on “Be Kind to Others” from City of Edinburgh’s “Be Resilient’ Health and Wellbeing programme.

We watched two video clips showing how money raised has been used abroad and in the UK and sang the ‘Step It Up” song. P7s led at the front to demonstrate dance moves and encourage everyone to sing along.

P7 Sports Captains have been selling Sport Relief wrist bands for £1 and on Friday 23rd March pupils can wear red or sports clothes and bring a donation if they wish. P7 Emily and her friends have arranged a Bake Sale for 12pm Friday 16th March in aid of Sport Relief.

P7 Isaac gave an update on his ‘Marathon in a Month’ for Asthma UK with brother Reuben. P7 pupils Niamh, Alice, Stella and Margret shared their idea to help a new P6 group carry on their gender equality projects next year and have designed their own application forms. P6 pupils Rory, Isla, Ella and Evie reminded everyone about their Easter Egg Foodbank appeal which closes on Friday 23rd March and they will man stalls at both Parent Consultation Evenings.

What a wonderful P4/5 disco and many thanks to families and staff who came along to support.

P7 Captains congratulated P7 Lucy on her Grade 4 Musical Theatre certificate, P6 William on his First Place at the recent Edinburgh Music Competition Festival and P6 Machlan on becoming SCOTTISH boxing champion!

Hannah in P6 gave a stunning performance of Tam O’Shanter which won her the Steven Lui Cup 2018 for Burns Recitation. There were six extremely strong P6 Finalists this year and congratulations to all who took part.

Article 12

You have the right to an opinion and for it to be listened to and taken seriously.

RRSA Accreditation Visit Thursday 31st May 2018 11.4.2018

At Sciennes, we have achieved a UNICEF Silver Level One award as a Rights Respecting School and we are on the right path to achieving a Gold Level Two award. Our Pupil Council and a group of eight P7 pupils (calling themselves The Clan of Children’s Rights) are continuing to lead and shape our journey. Watch this space for ways that you can support us to Go for Gold ready for our Level Two Accreditation visit on Thursday 31st May 2018.



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