PTA Social Tuesday 19th March, Argyle Bar

At the last meeting of the PTA in January it was decided to hold a social event in a venue outside the school. To this end I have reserved The Hide, the downstairs area of The Argyle (corner of Argyle Place and Warrender Park Road) from 7.30 pm on Tuesday 19th March. As well as being a social event for all existing members, it is hoped to attract parents/carers who may be interested in the work of the PTA.  There is a feeling that a lot of people are put off coming along to PTA meetings as they feel they may end up having to organise a big fund-raising event. We will hopefully explain more fully the work of the PTA and highlight the fact that a parent/carer need only do as much or as little as they wish.
In addition, there are a few current members who will be giving up the PTA at the end of June as their children move on to High School and therefore we will need to try and encourage a few new members along, especially those who have children in the lower school. Please try and encourage some other parents to come along on the 19th. 

Finally, the position of chair and secretary will require to be filled for the school session 2013/2014 and so it would be helpful if everyone could think of possible nominees.

First and foremost this will be a social event for those who would like to come along for a drink and a chat. Hopefully, some school staff members will be able to come along too.

Refreshments and nibbles will be available.

Look forward to seeing you there. 
Shelagh Mcleish, PTA Chair
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