Active Schools Lunchtime Girls’ Basketball

Blaze Basketball Club, based at the Crags, launched their fabulous new Active Schools lunchtime club today  for P5-7 girls in Sciennes Hall. However, it would be fair to say that there was a good deal of confusion over who had registered to participate and for that we apologise. The paper consent form did request an online sign up using WisePay, but regrettably it also mentioned handing payment into school in an envelope and this is what caused the mix up.

All twenty places were quickly snapped up on Wisepay but it was wonderful to see so much interest. Since two coaches were available, it was decided that all the girls who turned up at lunchtime (including those who had not registered online) should have a chance to play today. Coaches Sarah and Eoghann were so impressed by the enthusiasm that they have agreed to run an additional girls’ club on Thursday lunchtimes. The Hall is being used for ‘flu vaccinations on Thursday 30th October so this additional club will begin on Thursday 6th November. The Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime clubs will run for a further four weeks. All the girls will be informed of which day they should attend ahead of next week’s sessions.

Thank you for your support.