P4-P7 Road Safety Assembly

Very well done to our JRSOs Kirsty and Morgan (Aidan was unfortunately absent today) and to P4B and Miss McGrouther who superbly led our P4-7 Road Safety Assembly on Friday 14th November. Our JRSOs took us through a ‘Be Bright, Be Seen‘ quiz and P4B demonstrated how reflective clothing and accessories help keep us safe. Grateful thanks to City of Edinburgh’s Sustainable Travel Officer, Sam Moody, who helped us understand how we can help drivers notice us, by giving us a lively presentation with volunteers from the audience. His final message was to think about how we can look out for each other by thinking about how we can be bright and be seen. It was lovely to welcome Sam back to Sciennes and we would like to thank him for all the special goodies he brought for our JRSOs. Road Safety week launches on Monday 17th November and our JRSOs have an exciting invitation to Brake’s press launch at City Chambers. Thank you to Lorna Henderson for the invite.

Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs)

Be Bright, Be See Quiz

Miss McGrouther, Road Safety Co-ordinator
P4B demonstrate reflective clothing

Sam Moody talks Sense!
The only sense drivers can use is Sight, so we need to make sure we can be seen.
Thanks Sam, for helping us to THINK about Road Safety.