Sciennes Playground: Aim High Let Your Ambitions Fly!

Mrs Noble shares the vision for the playground

What a fantastic turnout for the inspirational and motivational Sciennes Playground Information Event on Thursday 20th November! Wonderful to welcome so many families to the Hall to hear about the ambitious plans for Sciennes’ playground and how we can all work as a community to achieve those ambitions together.

Mrs Noble shared the background and vision for this tremendously exciting project. She explained how an innovative consultation process in 2013-2014 by the Parent Council Communications Group, driven by Parent Council Chair Claire Wheeler, led to a sector leading example of best practice in action planning. Surveying our families last year identified how our playground could be improved and focused minds on how to make improvements a reality. Fellow members of the Parent Council subsequently formed a Playground Improvement Group, working alongside Mrs Noble and Ms Christie to shape the vision and enlist the dedicated support of the Parent Council Fundraising and Events Group (FEG), led by Chair Aileen Nimmo.

Landscape and Urban Design Architect, Martin Stevens from HarrisonStevens, provided a thought-provoking presentation on just what can be achieved by sharing playground developments at  Cramond Primary School, Buckstone Primary School and Trinity Primary School. (Lovely to welcome his daughters Aurora and Elsie, too!) Martin also explained the rationale behind elements of potential designs and how loose play and outdoor learning can support us in delivering A Curriculum for Excellence at Sciennes.

Our Pupil Council visited Cramond Primary recently and we could see exactly why those children have been so animated and energised about possibilities when we watched Claire Wheeler’s superb video of their trip. Claire’s video, and information about the playground initiatives, will be shared with all pupils and staff at House Assemblies on Friday 21st November. We will also share how everyone can help with fundraising to turn plans into reality, including how to support the forthcoming Christmas Fair on Saturday 29th November 12pm-3pm. We would love to hear your fundraising ideas (although auctioning Headteacher’s award badges – as suggested by Stuart Sheehan – is beyond the pale!) Mrs Maguire attended the Information Event and works closely with Ms Anstruther to support the work of the FEG. Keep up with the latest news on fundraising and events by following the Parent Council Playground Facebook page.

Plans are indeed ambitious – £55 000 is the target – and with the possibility of a successful application to Sport Scotland to match fund that sum, we hope that our entire community will both see and seize this as a remarkable, long dreamt of opportunity.

Playground Improvement Group driver, Stuart Sheehan, rightly acknowledged the wealth of talent and resourcefulness within our community. He was convincing in his appeal to grasp this landmark project as an ideal opportunity to create a legacy for all Sciennes’ pupils – current and future – and to Believe we can Achieve.

Wonderful to welcome so many families
Martin Stevens, Landscape Architect

Huge turnout!

Stuart Sheehan, Playground Improvement Group

Claire Wheeler’s video of Pupil Council trip to Cramond

Members of Sciennes Pupil Council
Vox pops of Pupil Council responses to Cramond Primary visit showed their excitement about possibilities!

Aim high, let your ambitions fly!

Pledging and Fundraising Ideas

Ms Pearmain and Mrs Kidd bring their experience of leading major whole school initiatives

Miss Speirs keen to learn more about and contribute to the playground plans

So many talented and resourceful families, who – like mum Aileen and dads Jack, Ian and Stuart – are contributing vast amounts of their time, energy and professional expertise. Thank you!

Claire Wheeler’s inspiring video of the Pupil Council visit to Cramond Primary School:

sciennes pupil rep playground visit from SciennesParentCouncil on Vimeo.