Record Breaking £10,342 Raised at the Christmas Fair!

A phenomenal – incredible! – record breaking sum of £10,342 was raised on Saturday 29th November at the Christmas Fair, made possible by months of careful planning, with hour upon hour of selfless dedication and commitment by our army of talented and resourceful parent volunteers, superbly project managed by Aileen Nimmo (Chair of the Events and Fundraising Group) and Claire Wheeler (Chair of the Parent Council). Parent supporter Charlotte Herthelius deserves special recognition for having the idea of moving the time to 12noon onwards to catch lunchtime trade and supply lunches which resulted in an extra £1200 being raised. (Papa John’s Pizza from nearby South Clerk Street gifted all sales to the school, accounting for half of this sum!) Charlotte also suggested and arranged the craft Saturdays in the Dining Hall and coordinated the Crafts Stall, resulting in a huge increase in community engagement which raised more than £600.

Tangible evidence of what can be ACHIEVED when everyone BELIEVES.

Thank you to everyone who donated so generously and who came along to the fair. To all the Sciennes Family who are supporting the playground fundraising efforts, a massive THANK YOU!