JGHS P7/S1 Choir

All P7 pupils will attend a rehearsal at James Gillespie’s High School on Monday 15th December and a rehearsal at the Usher Hall on Thursday 18th December, during school hours, ahead of the performance there in the evening. Pupils should wear dark trousers/skirt and dark shoes and should also wear something festive such as tinsel or a Santa hat. (So many pupils are taking part this year that we had asked pupils to wear P7 blue school sweatshirts because we were unsure if we had enough school ties but will try to establish this week if we can manage to have all in white shirts and ties.)

Please contact lucy.gallagher@sciennes.edin.sch.uk with any enquiries.

Tickets are still on sale, available directly from the Usher Hall box office or website.
These are priced from £6 – £10.

 Pupils who are performing do not need to pay for their tickets.

The concert will start at 7.00pm, and finish by 9.30pm.

P7/S1 choir will perform in the second half of the concert, and will be seated throughout the first half in the upper circle. We therefore do not expect any pupils to be picked up at interval!

Pupils must arrive at 6.30pm on the evening of the concert at the backstage doors. (They will know where this is from the rehearsals that day).

A member of JGHS staff will be allocated to each primary, and will take them to the upper circle where they will be seated throughout the first half. They will not be allocated a dressing room, and therefore can leave coats etc in the upper circle when they come down during interval to be seated. Pupils should not to bring any valuables. Although staff will be seated with the choir during the first half, coats may be unattended during the second half.

Pupils can be picked up at the backstage doors after the concert JGHS staff will supervise the exit of all performers and ensure that all children are safely picked up.

Deirdre O’Brien, Performing Arts Faculty Leader, James Gillespie’s High School