House Assemblies
Celebrating the Success of the Sciennes Parent Triathlon Dream Team

On Friday 9th January House Assemblies were held for Grange, Lauder, Scienna and Tantallon at the end of Scotland Week, marked with a joyful P5-P7 Ceilidh in the Playground, led by Mrs Beth Walker. Thank you to Mrs Walker and Ms Berry, our PE Specialists, for teaching all pupils in P1-P7 a variety of Scottish Country Dances throughout the week. The children will certainly be able to lead the dancing at the forthcoming Parent Council Ceilidhs on Thursdays 22nd and 29th January!

House and Sports Captains shared their New Year Resolutions at our Assemblies and asked the audience to share some of their own. We all acknowledged and celebrated the tremendous achievements of our 16 Dream Team Triathlete Dads who, with the overwhelmingly generous support of family and friends, have raised a remarkable £12,000 for the playground at the New Year’s Day Triathlon!

Ms Anstruther has been working hard to help staff and pupils understand how a Growth Mindset can help everyone to succeed. She suggested we watch an inspiring video from Sport Scotland about ‘Understanding Talent‘, which helped us all think about how talent can be developed through challenge and effort.

Ms Anstruther challenges you to use a growth mindset to develop talents in 2015

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

We informed P6 and P7 pupils that from Monday they should play in the playground from 12.35pm until the bell rings at 12.50pm before going to the Dining Hall, to help reduce queuing times for school lunches. We also encouraged all pupils to continue to wear school uniform and to be ‘All in Line by Ten to Nine’, before the morning bell rings.

Ceilidh in the Playground!
Thank you to Mrs Beth Walker for leading the dancing and fun.