Paleontologist Dr Steve Brusatte

What a fascinating and inspiring presentation from internationally eminent Paleontologist Dr Steve Brusatte at both P1-3 and P4-7 Assemblies on Friday 5th February about his work as a Dinosaur and Fossil Expert. Originally from Chicago, Dr Steve, now based at Edinburgh University, travels the world giving lectures and was a consultant on BBC’s ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’. He was so generous with his time and our children were enthralled as he explained why he is so passionate about dinosaurs and how he came to be a paleontologist. His most recent discovery hit the headlines a month ago when he and his team found a new species of dinosaur in the Isle of Skye. The new dinosaur is one of only a few to be christened with a Gaelic name ‘Dearcmhara Shawcrossi’ which means sea lizard. The Question and Answer session was equally fascinating, with some excellent questions from the audiences. Thank you to Ragne and Emil’s dad for contacting school and to Ms Anstruther for arranging the visit. A truly memorable presentation which certainly inspired our pupils, not only today but also for their future. Thank you, Dr Steve!

Dinosaur Song from Robert Mitchell on Vimeo.

A song especially for Dr Steve!