Update from Kirsten Unger, Playground Group:
What is ‘Loose Parts Play’? More open-ended play in the school. Loose parts are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. They help inspire imagination, problem solving and creativity in play, on children’s own terms and in their own unique way. 

On Friday 6th March we were fortunate to have Steve Moizer, from Grounds for Learning to train the Pupil Support Assistants and meet with the School’s Senior Management Team to give us the best possible start to loose parts play. From March 9th-12th Louise Caldwell,  Play Development Officer, Edinburgh is in school to work with individual teachers and classes using loose parts. 

Parents were able to hear more from Steve Moizer on Friday 6th March and if you want to be actively involved in supporting the ‘Loose parts’ initiative please get in touch. 

Bamboo? Biophilia: Plants make us feel good. We have created some living play spaces, bringing some sensory richness and fun. It has been achieved through generous donations from Jewsons, Homebase, The Range, Morrisons, friends of pupils, skip scavenging, the Council and help from the school budget. If you have ideas or want to donate large pots/soil/plants, please let us know. 
Contact: kirstin_macunger@yahoo.co.uk

Joyful scenes in the playground this week during ‘Loose Parts’ Outdoor Learning with Louise Caldwell, City of Edinburgh Play Development Officer, and Kerry from Playbox, giving our children the opportunity to express themselves through self-directed play. We have also benefited greatly from the advice and support of Steven Moizer from Grounds for Learning. Ms Christie timetabled sessions for buddy classes and more photographs can be found on the Class Pages. Thank you to parents who have come along to see the sessions. There is still time to catch us at play tomorrow! Wonderful to see the children co-operating so well to construct together with imaginations soaring!