Mercy Corps at P4-7 Assembly

A huge thank you to Victoria Telford from Mercy Corps who gave an excellent presentation to the upper school Assembly on Friday 8th May about the charity’s disaster relief efforts in Nepal. Victoria clearly explained who Mercy Corps are, how they have responded to communities devastated by the effects of the recent earthquake, and how they continue to support people affected by natural disaster. Victoria was delighted to see so many of our pupils wearing red in support of Nepal and to accept donations from staff and pupils totalling £82.50. We are delighted to have formed a link with neighbouring Mercy Corps, based in Sciennes, and look forward to working with Victoria to support our learning about Global Citizenship in the future.

Mercy Corps’ European Headquarters in Sciennes, close to the school

Robika (centre) who is from Nepal with P7s dressed in red to show their support

Wearing red for Nepal