Can You Help?

Have you ever had the burning desire to help chop the plastic tops off of 640 ice pops? If so, your dream could be about to come true:

As a thank you to all our pupils for the hard work they have done to raise playground funds the Parent Council is providing ice pops at break time on Friday and we need help. If you’re available, please come into the school office this Friday at 9.45am – scissors will be provided. We’ll need help also with the practical task of handing out ice pops, so please have phrases at the ready such as ‘sorry, we have no red ones left’ and ‘no, you can only have one’.

Let’s hope the logistics of this ice pop event go more smoothly than the 1997 record breaking attempt in New York to create the world’s biggest ice pop. The 15.9 tonnes of frozen juice required melted faster than expected, dashing hopes and causing spectators to flee to higher ground as firefighters hosed away the mess. Who ever knew there were such risks to be associated with the humble ice pop?

Sciennes Parent Council