Sciennes After School Care Scheme (SASCS) Holiday Care will operate from Monday 3rd to Friday 28th July 2017, 8.30am-5.30pm, based in the dining hall of Sciennes Primary School and aimed at children aged 4.5 to 8 years.

SASCS has a large staff team, with many long term members of staff and operates with a high number of staff to children on a daily basis.  We offer places to pre-school children throughout the summer holidays and always ensure that our staffing levels allow us to provide the extra support that individual children may require.

Our Holiday Care service has been developed using evaluations of previous years and the playroom is set up to similar to that of a nursery, geared for pre-school children, whilst small areas and activities provide enough stimulus for children in Primary 1 to Primary 3. 

In the playroom children will find places for: Messy Play; Puppet Theatre; Small World Play; Music and Dance; Art; Drawing; Water Play; Craft; Woodwork; Role Play; Science; Construction; Sand Play; Jigsaws; Board Games and Reading.  Staff will vary the activities on offer in each area on a daily / weekly basis and will be available in each area of the room throughout the day to extend and support children’s play as required. 

In addition to the free play options described above staff will deliver activities at specific times of each day.  These activities will include: baking; crafts; sports; science workshops and outside games.

Holiday Care children will take part in a full day trip each Wednesday of the holidays.  On these days we will travel by private coach to a variety of tourist attractions, including: Summerlee Industrial Museum; Scottish Deer Centre; Scone Palace and Wellsfield Farm Park. 

Every Friday is ‘Country Park Friday’ for the Holiday Care children; we will be heading off to Vogrie Country Park each week for: den building; building houses for insects/fairies; big nature art-role play pirate ship and a nature hunt, in addition to playing at the adventure playground. 

On all outings children will be split into small groups and allocated a member of staff as their group leader.  This member of staff will be responsible for looking after their group throughout the day.

Full Day – £20.00
Full Day Trip (Wednesday/Friday) – £25.00
Half Day Session (AM 8.30am-1.00pm / PM 1.00pm-5.30pm) – £12.00

To book a place at SASCS Summer Holiday Care please visit our website and follow the links.  We look forward to seeing you over the Summer!



SASCS introduced it Holiday Sports Camp for children age 8-12+ years in summer 2009 (Although the age limit was increased to 9 years in 2014) following a survey to determine the reason for the rapid decline of older aged children to its holiday service.
Feedback from the survey identified that the children were looking for more challenging, age appropriate sports activities, preferably taking place out with the holiday care service and indeed school and SASCS sports camp was born. Sports Camp has evolved each year informed by the children’s needs, interests and feedback.

In summer 2016 SASCS successfully secured the use of Edinburgh University’s Sports centres for its Sport Camp throughout July. This offered a range of sports (Basketball/Football/ Netball/Badminton/ Squash/ Hockey/ Boccia/ Tennis/ Volleyball) and activities (Swimming/ Water Polo/ Climbing/ Bouldering wall) all under one roof. The prestige of this venue in conjunction with the excellent and varied facilities were well received by both children and staff.
Following this venture there has been nothing but positive praise from ALL sports centre staff regarding the impeccable behaviour of the children attending, subsequently we have been offered use of these facilities all year round!!

The children continue to inform this service through evaluation completed at the end of summer.
This year Sports Camp will spend four days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) at Edinburgh University’s Sports Centres and one joining Holiday Care for its full day trip.
Arrival and departure at Sports Camp will be to the Sciennes PS where the children can rest, socialise and participate in making afternoon snack, a large art project and science challenges.
Free Time at the beginning and end of each day offers an opportunity for non-sports based activities based on feedback from some children.

Steven and Tom, Sports Camp staff are long term members of SASCS staff team and they hold several coaching grade 1 and 2 certificates in squash, golf, tennis, badminton, netball, football, volleyball and basketball.
They are young, motivated and enthusiastic about their role and responsibilities and have an outlook which the older age children relate to easily.

We need your help….

Despite its popularity each summer there is a marked decline in attendance for all of the one to two-week holiday periods resulting in this service being evaluated and possibly rebranded for the next academic year unless there is a marked increase of children attending over summer 2017.

Why not come along for a day to see what it’s all about… and bring a friend?

Summer 2017

Sonia is a very experienced member of staff, having worked with children in various setting for the past 37 years and taken up the position of Coordinator at SASCS in 2003.   Sonia is a qualified nursery nurse and completed a BA in Childhood Practice in 2014.  Sonia will work full time as part of our management team during Summer 2017, coordinating and contributing to the smooth daily running of both holiday care and sports camp.   

Lindsey is a long term member of our team having worked as SASCS Assistant Coordinator since August 2008.  Lindsey joined the team after completing a BA in Education Studies at the University of Edinburgh and throughout her time at SASCS has undertaken further study completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Childhood Practice and a SVQ3 in Play Work.  Lindsey will work full time as part of our management team during Summer 2017, contributing to the smooth daily running of our holiday services.

Steven is an experienced member of SASCS staff team, having worked with us since 2009, he is currently employed as a Senior Play Leader at the scheme and is leader in charge of our Sports Camp Holiday Service.  Steven completed a HNC in Early Education and Childcare before starting work at SASCS and has continued to develop his professional knowledge and understanding throughout his time with us, completing a PDA in Youth Work in May 2016.  In order to support his work at Sports Camp Steven has also completed sports coaching qualifications in various sports including; Tennis, Golf, Basketball and Football.

Tom is a long term member of SASCS staff team, having worked full time throughout 2013-2014 he is now currently in third year studying Sports Science at the University of Abertay and returns to SASCS during university holidays.  Tom has various sports coaching qualifications and this alongside the knowledge he has gained through his university studies makes him a valuable addition to our Sports Camp staff.

Holly is another long standing member of SASCS staff team, having worked with us part time since 2014, whilst undertaking a Bachelor of Education in Physical Education.  Holly works 2 or 3 days a week at SASCS during term time and was a full time member of our team for Summer 2016.  Having recently completed her university degree Holly will be taking up a positon teaching high school PE from August 2017.

Melina started working at SASCS in August 2016, having previously worked full time with community development and peace building organisations in Belfast for 3 years.  Melina is a very valuable member of our staff team and currently works 1 or 2 days a week at SASCS, during term time, whilst studying for a degree in Community Education with the University of Edinburgh.   Melina will join our staff team at Holiday Care, working full time throughout Summer 2017.
Tanya is an experienced member of SASCS staff team, having worked full time with us for the last 4.5 years.  Tanya joined us whilst completing her SVQ2 in Childcare and Education and has gained valuable experience during her years at SASCS.  Tanya is about to start the second year of a SVQ3 Play Work course through Edinburgh College and will be working in our Holiday Care service full time during Summer 2017.

Katherine started working at SASCS in August 2016 and has been working every Monday during the 2016-2017 academic year.  Katherine is currently working towards a Masters in Developmental Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh and will work full time as part of our holiday care team during Summer 2017.  Katherine is originally from Spain and her language skills will be a valuable asset to the staff team, especially during the summer when we often welcome families from outside Scotland.

Sofia is a long term member of SASCS staff team having started working part time with us in 2014, she took up a full time position from August 2016.  Sofia will be returning to university this year studying Psychology at Napier University.  Sofia will work full time as part of our holiday care team this summer and will return to SASCS part time next term, whilst studying. 

Lorna has worked at SASCS since 2015, whilst studying towards a degree in English Literature with the University of Edinburgh.  Throughout the 2016-2017 academic year Lorna has worked every Thursday during term time and she will join us for 2 weeks of our holiday care service in Summer 2017.

Having attended Sciennes Primary School and SASCS as a child Sean returned to work with us as Junior Play Worker over Summer 2016 before beginning the first year of a maths related degree at the University of Dundee.  Sean returns to work at SASCS during university holidays and will work as part of our holiday care team for 3 weeks of Summer 2017.

Jamie also attended Sciennes Primary School and SASCS as a child, he is now in 6th year at James Gillespies High School and has been working part time as a Junior Play Worker at SASCS since August 2016.  Jamie will work full time as part of our holiday care team during Summer 2017 before beginning his university studies in maths.

Emma joined SASCS staff team in August 2016, whilst going into the second year of a Theoretical Physics degree.  Emma has worked part time at SASCS throughout the 2016-2017 academic year and will join our holiday care team full time for Summer 2017.

Tara attended Sciennes Primary School and SASCS as a child; she returned to work with us as a Junior Play Worker during her 6th year at High School. Tara worked at SASCS over Summer 2016 before taking up a place at the University of Stirling studying film making and has already put this knowledge to good use, making a mini film with the SASCS children.  Tara will work as part of our holiday care team over Summer 2017.