Great Game! Staff v Girls’ Football Team

Thank you very much to coach Fiona MacLean, Mr McKenna, Mr Hutchison and Mr Howie for arranging the game and to coach Stuart Sheehan for refereeing a gripping end of season Staff v Girls Football Team match on Thursday 15th June on the Meadows. Thank you to all the staff and girls who took part and to everyone who came along to spectate and encourage. The staff played to win, but ultimately lost out to the superior skills of the P7 Girls 6-4.

Fiona Maclean’s daughter Ellen is moving on to high school and so Fiona is now stepping down as coach. We wish to thank her for all her support for the school football teams over many years and it was a great testament to her efforts that the girls played such a strong game and have had so much competitive success throughout the year. Good luck on Saturday, girls!