Meadows Mayhem!

Meadows Mayhem

Thank you to parent James Chow for digitising the P7 Captains’ logo

A call for change has come for the P5s, P6s and P7s. A fun muddy Sponsored Obstacle Course this year! (Remember to bring spare clothes.)  This ‘Meadows Mayhem’ event has been designed and is being led and organised by the P7 House and Sport captains.

Filled with tyres, planks and many other exciting challenges (to be revealed) this course is a perfect replacement for the swimathon.

It will take place Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th April 2018 on the Meadows opposite Victor Hugo.

Although the Sport and House Captains are running the event it would be really helpful to have parents/carers to keep a tally of the number of times they complete the course. There is a link to a doodle poll below for you to sign up for one or more sessions.

If you are able to come along and support them in their (possibly muddy) endeavours then that would be great as well.



9.00-9.50       P5A

9.50-10.40     P5B

10.55-11.45   P5C

11.45-12.35   P7A

1.00- 1.50      P7B  (early lunch)

1.50-2.40       P7C


9.00-9.50      P6A
9.50-10.40    P6B
10.55-11.45  P6C

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