#schooluniformday Friday 15th May

Dear Families
A teacher at Wardie Primary school came up with the idea for as many Edinburgh schools as possible to take part in a Uniform Day on Friday (a play on the usual non-uniform day) where all children are asked to wear their school uniform when doing their Home Learning. We have Tweeted you about this and feedback has been positive.
We would love it if this Friday our children could wear their uniform. It would be great if you could take photos and Tweet them @SciennesPS with the hashtag #schooluniformday. You can also send them to us on Teams or SeeSaw.
We will add some extra and optional activities on TEAMS today which the children can do on Friday or at any other time if they wish.  I attach a PDF version for you too. There is no obligation to take part but we thought this might be a fun way to connect with our school. Children who are due to go to the Hub on Friday are also invited to wear their uniform.
I hope you are all well
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