P5 Homelessness Campaigners

P5 WE Won’t Rest Homelessness Awareness and Fundraising Campaign


We were incredibly proud of all the Primary 5 pupils today, for the continued effort and hard work they have put into our homelessness project.

This morning’s carol singing was a huge success and we have managed to raise an incredible £510 for the charity Crisis. Thank you to all the families that turned up to support us. It was really appreciated! And grateful thanks to Hometech Integration for their very generous donation.

We hope you have a cosy weekend to warm up and rest those voices!

Ms French, Ms Pearmain, Ms Mackintosh, Miss Ferguson, Mr Howie, Miss Mitchell 

Read more about P5 Homeless project here.

Very well done to Miss Mitchell for braving the freezing cold to take part in Social Bite’s Sleep in the Park last weekend https://www.sleepinthepark.co.uk/social-bite 
and to all P5 pupils and staff for their inspiring commitment to raising awareness about Homelessness.

Article 26

You have the right to help from the government if you are poor or in need.

Article 27

You have the right to have a good enough standard of living.

Homelessness Project

We had a great visit today from Joel’s Dad, Tim. He has had lots of experience working with homeless people both here in Edinburgh and in England. It was so interesting to hear what he does and the kids had some really interesting and well thought out questions for him.

We also had a run through of the songs we will be singing on Friday to raise money and awareness about homelessness. Performing outside made us realise how cold it will be, so remember lots of layers on Friday! If you are able to come along it would be great to see you!