School Uniform

Details can be found in our Information section and are also posted below:

School uniform can be ordered online. (See Links section) and samples can be viewed at the School Office before ordering. T-shirts for each of the House teams – Grange, Lauder, Sienna and Tantallon – can also be ordered online.
T-shirts and polo shirts in white, red and navy blue with the school emblem may be ordered online but please note that it is perfectly acceptable for pupils to wear plain white T-shirts or polo shirts purchased from supermarkets or department stores. 
We have a school tie which can be worn with a plain white shirt if you prefer.
Plain grey skirts and plain grey or black school trousers can be purchased online or elsewhere. Plain navy blue jogging trousers are also acceptable.
Girls can wear a red or blue gingham checked summer dress.
Most of our pupils wear a navy blue Sciennes sweatshirt with the school emblem. Only our P7 pupils wear royal blue Sciennes sweatshirts and fleeces.
Fleeces and jackets in navy blue, as well as schoolbags and gym bags are available online
We prefer our pupils to wear school shoes in dark colours. 
At Sciennes we are grateful for parental support in ensuring all our children wear school uniform. We discourage wearing jeans and encourage our pupils to bring indoor gym shoes and a change of clothing for sporting activities.