"Fostering Hope" P7 Book Launched

Six children find themselves in a foster
home three humans, an alien, an elf and a halfdemon. As they get to know each other
they find the house is more magical than they could have imagined. It takes them
on adventures through time and space giving them the opportunity to learn how to work together and trust each other. They learn about life, obsession, discrimination, love, friendship, fear, acceptance, and most of all hope.
Just being in the house challenges them to see the world in a different way. Can they learn to live together?
This book of short stories was put together through the Pencilling Creative Ideas project. The characters, settings, storylines and conclusions were devised by an inspired group of
teens from Sciennes
Primary School,
Congratulations to our P7 published authors whose book “Fostering Hope” was officially launched today. Mary Turner Thomson has worked with the pupils for ten weeks, providing workshops which have helped them develop characters, settings and storylines and understand in depth the processes involved in producing a book.
If you haven’t done so already, please log on to WisePay to pay for the workshops, launch party and book. 
Additional copies of the book can still be ordered at the discounted price of £5.00 each (RRP £6.99) from school, purchased at Blackwell’s or ordered from Amazon.