Sciennes 1:1 iPad Pilot

Derek Robertson, National Adviser Emerging Technologies and Learning at Education Scotland, has worked with schools across Scotland who are engaging with a range of tablet devices such as iPads, Windows 8 tablets, Android Tablets, Kindles and Chromebooks to help effect better outcomes for  learners and to help enhance and enrich learning in Curriculum for Excellence. He has published case studies on this Learning with Devices website, including a case study of the National 1:1 Pilot at Sciennes.

Derek visited Sciennes to capture the thoughts of pupils and staff on the impact of learning using mobile technology and we are grateful that he has published the case study so that we can share the information with families throughout the school, beyond the two pilot classes. We intend to hold Information Sessions for all parents and carers next session to explain how iPads are being used to enhance learning and teaching.