Girls’ Football Success

Congratulations to our P6/7 Girls’ Football Teams who came First and Second in a recent tournament.

Ninjas team took the First Place Trophy with the Golden Eagles  team securing Second Place. Fantastic results!

Here is a report from Megan Wynn, P7:

On Saturday 5th October 2013 both Sciennes’ Girls’ Football Teams played a tournament for the Autumn Cup. The Sciennes Golden Eagles won all of their games as well as The Sciennes Ninjas. Therefore both teams played against each other in the Final! The girls share the cup together because they were both representing the same school.

The Sciennes Golden Eagles played four games, one against Mary Erskine’s, one against St Mary’s, one against James Gillespie’s and one against Bruntsfield Blue. Then of course, The Final! The Ninjas played the rest of the participating schools.

Throughout the games there was a small tent that sold cakes, cookies etc for families and friends to buy. Thank you to the people who donated cakes.

The tournament ended at 12.30ish, each game being 16 minutes long. Once the Final finished both teams came for a group photo to celebrate their victory and got to pick a treat out of the sweetie bag.

For winning the Autumn Cup!
Megan Wynn, P7

Ninjas First Place

Golden Eagles Second Place

P6/7 Girls’ Football