Research shows potential of mobile tech for learning

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Pupils getting creative with their devices

Sciennes pupils getting creative with their devices

A study on the use of mobile technology in Edinburgh schools has found that students become more creative and independent when given their own tablet computer.

The research focused on the experiences of pupils in two high schools and two primary schools.
David McKee of the Digital Learning Team tells us more about the findings.

Throughout session 2012-13, mobile devices were given to all pupils in a year group or class in four schools across the city – Gracemount High School, Forrester High School, Broomhouse Primary and Sciennes Primary. This approach, often referred to as ‘1:1 digital learning‘, allows pupils to use their devices in and out of school, creating a seamless link between class and home learning.

The research, carried out by Hull University, identified a number of benefits to learning including increased independence, engagement and motivation. There was also evidence that teachers were developing new approaches to learning, and setting more authentic and realistic tasks for pupils.
Parents were also enthusiastic – one Sciennes parent said:

It has definitely helped him to be more independent; his creative writing is now that of a child way beyond his years as he is not held back by the slowness of pencil and paper.

Many more Edinburgh schools are now working towards 1:1 digital learning, with over 6500 iPads already in use across the city.

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