Ceilidh in the Playground

Pupils returned to school on Tuesday to an activity packed week with a Scottish theme, culminating in a fabulous Upper School ceilidh in the playground on Friday 10th January led by Mrs Walker. Thank you to both our P.E. Specialists, Mrs Walker and Mrs Berry, for providing wonderful Scottish Country dancing for all our pupils P1-P7 throughout Scotland Week. There’s still time to pick up your tickets for our PTA Family Ceilidhs!

Zoe and May in P6B wrote:
“Today is Friday 10th January. We had our P5-P7 ceilidh today. We started with the Virginia Reel and soon after the Flying Scotsman. The Flying Scotsman is a train that goes from Edinburgh to London. We then did our school dance and it was really fun.”

Thanks to Mr Howie for these super, high resolution photographs.