Dragon Finder Prize Winning Writing for Lucy and Kirsty

P7A wrote fantastic poems and stories about amphibians and reptiles for the conservation and wildlife education group Froglife. Congratulations to P7 pupils Lucy and Kirsty who gained first and runner up prizes in their creative writing competition and so were invited to the launch of Froglife’s Scottish Dragon Finder Project at Parliament on Wednesday evening 19th March. P7A’s poem and story posters were on display and the class had really enjoyed exploring the Dragon Finder app on their iPads. Lucy was very confident reading aloud her poem to an assembled audience of conservationists, naturalists, MSPs and educators. Both girls will read aloud their winning entries at a future Assembly. Thank you very much to Lucy’s dad and Kirsty’s mum for accompanying and to Froglife’s James Stead and Dr Vicky Ogilvie for their kind invitation.

Here are the winning poems:

Learn to love yourself for who you are
                   By Lucy Adair
I lie on my favourite branch, lazing in the sun,
I jump and play around the old oak tree having so much fun.
I swim in the lily pad pond till I’m tired to the bone,
I sometimes wonder to myself why I’m so alone.
I listen to the sweet songs of the birds in the trees,
I walk along the pebbly path, breathing in that early morning breeze.
I pounce onto my yummy morning breakfast, ready for my feast,
I look at myself in the river, and wonder why people think I’m such a beast.
I then think to myself a funny little thought,
I am who I want to be though I’m warty and short.
I climb up and up until I get to my usual sleeping spot,
I am now a frog who knows you should love yourself no matter what.

 and Kirsty’s poem:

The Dragon Finder
by Kirsty Noble
I woke up early one chilly spring morning.
And left a note to my mum to give her some warning
I pulled on some trainers, t-shirts and shorts
And got out my net for catching creatures with warts.
I crept down the stairs and opened the door
I left my dog Rover sleeping on the floor.
I heard the birds chirping and singing their song
I knew when everyone woke up I would be long gone
I strolled to the pond way over the hill
I watched all the rabbits and named one Bill
When I got to the pond there was no one in sight
It was as still as if it was already night
I crouched next to to the water and looked at the frogs
I let down my net before it made it into the bog
It was caught up in the rope and it struggled to get free
I carefully manoeuvred it slowly back to me.
I untangled it and stroked it and gave it a pat
It let out a croak and I called it Matt
After a while I opened my hands and let it go
And took a final glimpse at it as it swam off
I breathed out a sigh and felt kind of sad
I decided to get home or mum would be mad
Kirsty and Lucy

Dragon Finders

Lucy reads her poem at the Scottish Parliament
Proud parents

Lovely prizes! Kirsty got a very smart froggy torch!