ECO Team and Mr Kearton

The Eco Team has been effectively and tirelessly led by Mr Iain Kearton. He has been ably supported by Mrs Susan Mackay and Mrs Sally Nowell, with wonderful input from parents Phoebe and Corrine, and the entire team of pupils, staff and parents has achieved a tremendous amount this year under his direction.

On 23rd May, Mr Kearton organised a fantastic celebration at Lauriston Castle as a ‘thank you’ for the energy, enthusiasm and dedication the pupils have put into Sciennes’ many eco-projects and pilots this year. Read about the huge amount achieved on the Eco Team Blog and view photos from the Lauriston Castle event.

We want to thank Mr Kearton for all his hard work and expertise in leading the Eco Team so successfully and with a fond farewell, we wish him and his family every happiness as they get ready for their new adventure in the north of Scotland.

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