P7 Graduation 2014

What a fantastic Graduation show on Monday 23rd June from our Magnificent Sevens! The pupils’ confidence shone through and we were all so proud of them. Ms French, Mrs Barker and Mr Howie produced a remarkable show and we are grateful to Cat Perry, Director of Dance Division, and Vanessa Robertson for providing choreography using the Commonwealth Games themed Big Dance Pledge. Thank you also to Alan from Dancebase for additional P7 workshops and the invitation to perform at the Big Dance Pledge event the Mound in May. Thank you to Mrs McVicker for all her musical input, rehearsal practices and accompaniment. Thank you to Scott Hodkinson for kindly passing on his photographs and to Miss Inglis for filming the show. An edited video appears below . We also recognise and value the support of all the parents and carers who have worked with us throughout the last seven years. We pass on every best wish to all our families and hope to hear news of the pupils’ continued success. Keep in touch!
More photographs on the Class of 2007 page (which can also be accessed using the LINKS button on the school website.) http://2007sciennes.blogspot.co.uk/
Sciennes Primary P7 Graduation 2014 from Sciennes Primary School on Vimeo.

Some people have asked if the closing “When I’m Gone” song was specially written. The teachers cleverly changed the words to an existing song and you’ll see the significance of the cups if you watch this track from the film “Pitch Perfect.” A favourite changed line of ours is “You’ll miss me on the traversing wall” in homage to Ms Christie’s “It’s not a climbing wall, it’s a traversing wall!”