Sciennes School Orchestra

Mrs Samanda Campbell, P4 Class Teacher, began her Orchestra sessions today which take place each Monday in the Hall between 11.30am and 12.30pm.

Requirements for orchestra are to play an orchestral instrument, including percussion, though not piano, at Grade 2 or above. At the beginning of each academic session auditions are held so that children can be placed in the appropriate section e.g. 1st or 2nd violin.

The children are expected to attend weekly rehearsals in school and to practise any music given to them during the week. Many children take their music along to their lessons for extra practice.

We aim to have at least three concerts per year at Christmas, Easter and at the end of the summer term. We have also taken part in the Edinburgh Music Festival and have played for the elderly at St. Catherine’s Argyle Church.

It would be useful if all orchestral players own their own school tie as they are required to wear full school uniform during performances.

Mrs Campbell