Newly Elected Pupil Council Reps and JRSOs

Congratulations to our newly elected Pupil Council Representatives. Thank you to Mrs Sally Nowell, Presiding Officer, for sharing her recent experience of taking part in the Referendum count and also explaining the Pupil Council election process at both Assemblies. Mrs Noble and Ms Christie will take the Pupil Council to visit Cramond Primary School’s new playground to help them get ideas for developing our own playground.

P4 Stewart, Caspar, Manu

P5 Chloe, Sergi, Sam

P6 Matilda, Alex, Laiba

P7 Erin, Mahmoud, Kate

 Congratulations to our new P6 Junior Road Safety Officers, Aidan, Morgan and Kirsty and thank you to Sam Moody who gave engaging presentations on Tram Safety at both Assemblies. Thank you to the pupil volunteers who assisted and to staff volunteers Miss Mackintosh and Ms French. Well done, Toby, for remembering all seven rules!

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