Sciennes Diary Updated

Sciennes Diary Dates

Our School Diary has been updated with key events throughout the year. Families were issued with an Event Planner Overview at the start of term, but we ask that you refer to the School Diary as the most current point of reference. We will endeavour to maintain it as a Master Calendar as much we can, so please be aware that existing dates and times may change and check it regularly.

The Diary can be accessed using the ‘DIARY’ buttons on the school website. To view the calendar full screen, click on the Google Calendar in the bottom right hand corner.

Sciennes Google Calendar

or use the following address to access our calendar in any web browser

Alternatively, you can subscribe to the calendar to access it on your own computer, tablet or smartphone. Use the following address to download an iCalendar file and add our calendar to your own calendar:

Use the following address to access our calendar from other applications. You can copy and paste this into any feed reader.