Camera Obscura £1200 for the Playground!

A wonderful evening, thoroughly enjoyed by all, and an amazing amount of £1200 raised for playground developments. Thank you to Sciennes parent Andrew Johnson (Director and Manager of Camera Obscura) for his generous hospitality, and to all the Sciennes helpers on the night, particularly Tanya Boughtflower who promoted the event so effectively. Thank you to Aileen Nimmo for her promotion of the event, too, and for being a wonderful ‘welcomer’, and to Angela Christie for setting up the event with Gift Aid.

Ms French, who attended the event with her daughter Erin, said the energy, enthusiasm and drive of the Parent Council Events and Fundraising Group were palpable. (She was also delighted to be given a personal tour by Andrew’s daughter, Kirsty.) Thank you to everyone who is putting so much time and effort into making improvements in the playground a reality for all our children.