Ms Anstruther Leads ‘Brain Days’ in P4B

Over the past couple of weeks Ms Anstruther has been helping P4B to learn all about the brain, its functions and how it affects learning. Tuesday has been ‘Brain Day’ in 4B!
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Ms Anstruther has been teaching the children some methods to help them remember things better.
At the end of every session Ms Anstruther teaches the children to use Mindfulness to help them relax and to be aware of what is happening around them.

* * *

On the 23 November Max’s mum (Dr Tara Spires-Jones) came to speak to the class. She taught the children about all of the different parts of the brain and told them what it was like to be a scientist.

Most importantly of all, Ms Anstruther has made the children aware that they are capable of learning anything. If things are tricky, they know to relax, have a go and give it their best shot. After all, everyone learns from making mistakes and it’s okay to do so. If something is difficult they are learning to say to themselves: 
“It’s okay, I just can’t do this YET.