Final (Doubled) Total for Comic Relief £1913.22!

Our grand – quite exceptional – total raised for Comic Relief was announced at P4-7 Assembly on Friday 20th March. Once doubled by the UK Government, it amounts to an incredible £1913.22!

P5 pupil May read her touching ‘Kindness’ poem, assisted by Rose, and we all want to say thank you to our school community for their great kindness and generosity.

May’s Kindness Acrostic Poem
Kindness is within you, you can be kind in any way
In your house make breakfast in bed just for mum and dad
Never think it’s just about you, it’s about other people too
Do a kind thing within your heart, maybe just one or two
Notice all around you everywhere around, help an elderly person so he does not fall to the ground
Even if you’re in a rush you stop and look around. Help them or say hello. Anyway it’s kindness as you go
So you see it’s not a joke, be kind to anyone and you will see there’s no reward it’s just a little fun
So now you see how kindness grows now you can be kind, on you go!