Parent Feedback to Playground Survey Helps Inform Developments

Thank you to all the parents and staff who came along to Tuesday’s Parent Council meeting – it was a very productive and participative meeting. The Playground Group reported back on how the feedback from parents has informed the development of the playground plans. Click here to see the full report from the Playground Group and Senior Leadership Team.  Parents and staff were asked to indicate how well each of the areas of concern had been attended to – this was done using stickers on ‘feedback lines’ which provided a clear visual picture of views. This enabled a discussion on ‘ways forward’ and there was an agreement by the Parent Council to support playground improvements based on the Playground Group’s responses to the areas of concern. There was an acknowledgment that this has been a challenging process with tight timescales and a broad range of views. The incredible fundraising efforts of the wider parent community were recognised – around £35,000 so far in this school year. The school is still waiting to hear about the SportScotland funding application.
A discussion took place about the need to highlight this year’s non-playground spends – the Parent Council and Friends of Sciennes School Trust has additionally funded Benmore and Lagganlia subsidies, club subsidies, swimming, cycling, the pupil water cooler, eco activities and a music event. Further effort will be made to share this information with the wider parent community.
The next Parent Council Meeting is taking place on Thursday 23rd April, 7-9pm – all parents are very welcome.

Claire Wheeler, Chair of Sciennes Parent Council