Pitching to Save the Planet – Vote Now


Sciennes’ parent Nigel Douglas is posing the question to Sir Richard Branson, do you “Want to Save the Planet?” via his “Pitch to Rich 2015” competition.

Nigel is Founder and CEO of Global Surface Intelligence (GSi) and seeks your help in voting for his pitch to win Virgin Business’ exciting competition. Please share via social media networks and vote now to help Nigel’s innovative software mitigate climate change.

We have developed a very powerful software platform which provides ‘Big data’ predictive analytics of satellite and other data. Using this platform, we can now observe our planet, more clearly and in new ways and on new scales. Using it, we have brought to market our first products which reduce costs and add value to a massive $1.2 trillion timber market. Put simply, we can tell how much timber is in a forest; which ones have grown quickest over time, and we can identify deforestation or even forest degradation. Our data covers the entire surface on the planet from the present year back to 2001 and this is the first time in the field of science this has been achieved. Our methods are totally unique and they allow us to deliver data cheaper, faster, better than is possible by any other means. We can solve real business problems the industry faces, and the only thing stopping us, is people not knowing about us. Winning this competition would change all that.

Our processing capabilities and analytics are unrivaled and right at the forefront of innovation. Our software platform has endless applications that will help businesses in any sector. The uniqueness of our data has enabled us to open up opportunities in six continents and all this from my kitchen table. Our data is also crucial to monitor our changing ecosystem and the effects of climate change and we have only scratched the surface of our capabilities. We are a small company that has developed unique technology that could be applied to help mitigate climate change. We need help to be heard and that is why we deserve to win.

GSi would really like your Vote. http://goo.gl/O4vPng To progress through the competition, we really need your vote and it will only take 5 seconds of your time. Please vote now. Many thanks.
                                                                                                  Nigel Douglas, Sciennes Parent


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