Achieving Junior Award Scheme Scotland

At Sciennes, we seek to recognise and celebrate our pupils’ wider achievements as Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens.

JASS AWARDS in P6 and P7
We aim to allocate about six months to the Junior Award Scheme Scotland (JASS) awards at Bronze (P6) and Silver (P7) Levels and we include as many holidays within that time as possible – from the beginning of the October holiday until the end of the Easter holiday – to help pupils achieve their goals. Throughout May this term, pupils have been asked to give a short five minute talk explaining how they have achieved either 8 (Bronze) or 12 (Silver) hours in each of the four categories: Get Active, Stay Active; Adventure; My Interests; Me and My World.

Our pupils take part in so many sporting activities throughout the year that many easily achieved the minimum 8 hours in a just few weeks!

Most of our pupils have easily achieved the minimum 8 (Bronze) or 12 (Silver) Adventure award at Benmore or Lagganlia but there are many other ways to take part in adventurous activities, such as those available at the City of Edinburgh partner Outdoor Learning Centre – Bangholm – including hillwalking, kayaking mountain biking and climbing. Scout camp and Earth Calling events for example, cycling or walking trips in the outdoors – such as the P6 Cycling Adventure trip – and P6 orienteering activities earlier in the term with Ms French also count!

Any hobby or interest or skill (other than sport) such as baking, sewing, calligraphy,  learning a musical instrument, performing in a show, reading, language learning, photography or computer programming for example, can count towards achieving the 8 (P6 Bronze) or 12 (P7 Silver) Me and My Interests award.

Me and My World Ideas:

Making a Difference to Others – in school, at home, in your community, locally, nationally
This year, our pupils have generously supported local and national charity fundraisers: Food Bank, Children in Need, Poppy Day, Comic Relief, as well as taking part in Playground Fundraising events at school including Camera Obscura Family evening, Christmas Fair and the forthcoming Swimathon. Participation in these events counts towards the ‘Me and My World’ JASS award, as does making a difference at home such as helping family members or neighbours. Many of our pupils attend the Earth Calling after school club or Woodcraft Folk, or have taken part in Eco projects and may have been involved at home or school in recycling or gardening or planting in the playground. Helping out with Litter picking counts towards the 8 hours and Miss Gallagher, P3 Class Teacher and Eco Team leader, is planning a Spring Clean Litter Pick Up in the local area this term. Pupils might consider preparing and delivering a presentation about a charitable or environmental organisation (to the class or even at Assembly) or deciding to give their time in some way to help others in school, at home or in the community.

Although we encourage pupils to aim to complete 8 hours in each category by the end of the Easter holiday, there is still time to achieve the award since Pupil Talks will take place throughout May. Any P6 pupil unable to achieve Bronze this year can continue at that level in P7. (Pupils at James Gillespie’s High School aim for the Gold JASS Award -18 hours in each category – by the end of S2.)