P4-7 Assembly 22.5.15

Diana Dalton, Department for International Aid

We are very grateful to Diana Dalton, parent of Joe in P7A, for accepting an invitation to present at Assembly on Friday 22nd May and providing us with an excellent explanation of the work of the Department for International Development. Diana helped everyone to think about inequality in the world, reasons for this and how we can make a difference. She explained how the government body for UK Aid is using British taxpayers’ money to help people around the world, including tackling Ebola, providing assistance to war torn countries such as Syria, giving relief to countries prone to natural disasters such as Nepal and trying to make a difference to the lives of young girls by providing them with education and support.

Diana has worked for DfID for twenty years, including a four year stay with son Joe and her husband in Bangladesh. She told stories of the mangrove swamps in the Sunderbans and showed photographs of Joe looking for Bengal tigers! Thank you very much, Diana, for coming to present at our Assembly and providing such an interesting talk, with so many thought provoking and positive messages for our pupils.

Today was also Swimathon award day and our Sports Captains did a superb job of announcing the winners and presenting the medals. Grateful thanks to Fiona Denvir, Bethan McEwan and Tanya Boughtflower from the Sciennes Parent Council, and all the parents who helped make this year’s fundraising event so enjoyable and such an outstanding success.

Pupils and staff were truly amazed to discover that the current total raised is a staggering


Thank you to everyone who has so generously donated and supported the playground fundraising efforts. Believe*Achieve!

Lovely that Diana was able to see Joe receive his Silver Swimathon medal!