P6C Journey with Pilrig Park at the Festival Theatre

Pilrig Park School for children and young people with additional support needs, uses dance across its curriculum to help its learners develop valuable skills for learning, life and work. Problem solving, team building, confidence and social skills learned through the course have given the pupils the confidence to create an end of year show at Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre.

On Friday 21st June, P6C (with Class Teacher Ms Wendy French) and Sciennes School Choir (led by Class Teacher Kathryn Dougal) joined pupils and staff from Pilrig Park School for a magnificent dance performance at the Festival Theatre. Thank you to all the families who came along to support.

The shows, which have been running for the past seven years, provide the opportunity for learners at Pilrig Park to showcase their talents thanks to the inclusive approach to learning about theatre. Using the skills learned through dance and choreography in different contexts allows learners to solve problems in lessons on numeracy and literacy skills for example that has had a positive effect on their learning outcomes, confidence and self-esteem.

Pilrig Park Headteacher Ellen Muir’s innovative approach has been used in a case study film. Creativity through dance at her school is featured as an example of good practice by Education Scotland on their Journey to Excellence website to inspire practitioners from across the country.

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Head Teachers Ellen Muir, Pilrig Park and Alison Noble, Sciennes Primary

 P6C Class Teacher Ms Wendy French with Sciennes parent and Pilrig Park Teacher Anna Kirkwood

Anna’s daughter Stella and son Sean also took part in the show
Miss Dougal leads Sciennes Choir

Sciennes School Choir Warms Up!

The Green Room

Relaxing in the Green Room

 The view from the stage before the audience arrives
Actor Andy Gray gives a pre-show pep talk
Andy Gray

Waiting in the wings

“The Journey”

A short clip from the Finale

Well done all on a terrific performance