Lothian Schools Cross Country


Congratulations to all the new and existing P6 and P7 runners who took part in last week’s first Lothian Schools Cross Country event of the new session at Mary Erskine’s. Tremendous results!

Stephen 7th
Matthew 9
Boris 10
Cai 39
David 43
Rose 1
Susannah 13
Emily 24
Isobel 40
Joanne 42
Isla 53
Next fixture – Victoria Park, Newhaven Road Trinity  EH6 5PY  
Wednesday  16 September  2015
Meet at 4.15pm for 4.30pm start at each event, finishing at 5.15pm.

Thank you to Boris’ mum, Sarah Winkler, for co-ordinating participation.  As many runners for both the boys’ and girls’ races can take part, but a minimum of 4 runners each week is needed to qualify for the league.  Sciennes receives 5 points for each team of 4 in each race plus a bonus point for each team of 4 they beat and points for those individuals who finish in the first ten runners. The distance varies slightly from course but is around one mile; some courses more hilly than others. Spikes can be worn for those who have them.

As many P6s as possible are needed please for the week when P7s are in Lagganlia (7 October) to keep up the minimum team points quota of 4 boys, 4 girls.  

If you know of anyone else who may be interested please contact Sarah Winkler thewinklers@btinternet.com
Edinburgh Schools’ Cross Country League  Winter Fixtures  2015-6
 Venue                                    Date
Mary Erskine’s School          9 September          2015  (4.30pm)
Victoria Park  Trinity            16 September           2015
Roseburn Park                     23 September        2015
Fettes  College                     30th September       2015
Royal High School                07 October              2015  
NB No P7s around this week as at Lagganlia so will need to try and have 4 P6 boys and 4 P6 girls to keep the team points going for Sciennes.
Inverleith (Heriot’s)                 24 February           2016
Fettes (relays – teams of 3)  02 March                 2016
Saughton (Tynecastle)           09 March               2016
Mary Erskine’s School           16 March                2016
AGM (Heriot’s)                       27 April                2016    4.30pm