1:5 Hungry for Books – Gift a Child a Preloved Book during Scottish Book Week

Sciennes’ Pupil Council is leading a ‘Hungry for Books’ campaign, launched at House Assemblies on Universal Children’s Day 20th November and taking place ONLY throughout Book Week Scotland from Monday 23rd November to Friday 27th November.

Sciennes Primary School is proud to be one of six schools in Edinburgh working with Pattie Santelices (City of Edinburgh Principal Officer Mental Health and Well Being) and committed to raising awareness of children in poverty.

The aims of the project are:
* To highlight the scale and impact of 1:5 child poverty.
* To explore cultural and structural explanations of child poverty.
* To consider the costs associated with the school day at Sciennes
* To reflect on how we can make education fairer and equitable for all 

Last year, P3 pupils successfully organised a whole school Harvest appeal leading our school community to donate food items generously to Foodbank. This year, we are asking everyone to feed minds by donating at least one ‘preloved’, much loved, quality children’s book which will then be redistributed by Foodbank and other organisations.

Sciennes is one of six school hubs for the city – Central Hub – and our Pupil Council members will work with volunteer Librarians to help collect and deliver donated books.

Hungry for Books 23rd – 27th November ‘Gift a child a pre-loved book’
Did you know that 1:5 children live in poverty or have at some time in their lives? This is shocking to us in Sciennes’ Pupil Council. And we want to help. So we have decided to do a book collection. Please give a child in poverty a book to pass the time and make them feel like an ordinary child. And try to think how many hours are really in a day when you don’t have the money to buy expensive video games and other things. So please bring a book for the book bank.
Hamish Croft, P7 member of Sciennes Pupil Council 

1:5 children living in poverty leave school unable to read well. These children are also less likely to have books in the home and read for pleasure. During Book Week we are seeking donations of high quality children’s books which our Pupil Council will then redistribute to children in need through Foodbank.
I would also like families in school, who would welcome an opportunity to select some books, to please contact me directly. I can assure you of my utmost discretion and confidentiality.

Alison Noble, Headteacher

Article 28  The right to learn