P6 Benmore – Thank You



Thank You

Thank you from all of us to all our P6 families for working with us to provide the children with such a memorable, beneficial residential trip together to Benmore Outdoor Education Centre. It was a genuine pleasure to escort 91 tremendously positive, caring and well behaved pupils and we all thoroughly enjoyed their company and conversation. We hope you notice at home how well they can do household chores and keep their rooms tidy, because all scored very highly in daily dorm inspections! It was wonderful to witness P6s extend friendships and make lasting bonds with each other, as well as with the staff. Everyone managed to take on many new challenges throughout the week and supported one another with patience and kindness.

The Sciennes staff also gave it their all and sustained the 24/5 duty by working very closely as a team. We took lots of photographs but always struggle with trying to get a signal and with very slow upload speeds. However, we hope you enjoyed the updates and we will continue to publish more photos on our Benmore blog in due course.

Thank you to P6 teachers Mrs Maguire, Ms Gaffney, Ms Sellar and Mr McKenna for devoting their time, energy and above all care to their children. Mrs Cave has enjoyed keeping up to date with all the adventures back at home. Mrs Maguire knows the year group extremely well and all five P6 teachers have been highly effective in preparing the children for the trip and making sure all the pupils had the best possible experience.

It was wonderful to have seasoned camper, Ms Anstruther, on the team and she was superbly supportive of all the children day and night. Grateful thanks to the entire team and also to the extended team back at Sciennes, particularly Mrs Noble, Ms Christie and Mrs Ellis who have an even busier week than usual without us. Mr Scott and Mr Reid also deserve a thank you for helping us get safely on and off the coaches.

We are indebted to all the magnificent staff at Benmore who go out of their way to make our stay with them as comfortable as it can possibly be, always going the extra mile to accommodate our needs, and for the great skill, expertise and dedication of the Instructors. We consider them not only trusted, respected colleagues, but also our dear friends.

All pupils who took part this week will receive the ‘Adventure’ certificate; one quarter of the way towards full JASS Bronze award accreditation, and a Benmore Certificate.

Thank you to Mrs Nowell and all the staff back at school who ensured that the six pupils who remained also had an enjoyable and interesting week.

Thank you most sincerely to all the families who support us, not least of all financially, in providing what we believe to be an invaluable educational opportunity for our children.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday and we look forward to building on the success of the trip. Well done, Primary Six!
Ms Gallagher

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