Lothian Schools Cross Country 24th March

Our pupils continue to have great success in the Lothian Schools Cross Country events which have been taking place throughout the year. Grateful thanks to families who have provided sterling support and encouragement, transporting and supervising pupils at these events. Participation in our Active Schools Lunchtime Running Club is also having a very positive impact on our pupils’ sporting achievements. Many thanks to coach Willie and also parent Mary Ross. The final Lothian Schools event of the year and medal ceremony will take place on Wednesday 24th March 4.30pm at Mary Erskine’s, Ravelston Dykes Rd, Edinburgh EH4 3NT

Thank you to Sciennes’ parent, Sarah Winkler, for co-ordinating and for the update on progress:

Inverleith (Heriot’s)                 24 February           2016
Fettes (relays)                        02 March                 2016
Saughton (Tynecastle)           16 March               2016
Mary Erskine’s School         23 March                2016 FINAL RACE AND MEDAL CEREMONY

Saughton (Tynecastle)  16th March

Rose 2
Rose K 30
Ellen 38
Isobel 42
Robert 7
Boris 17
Callum 25
Matthew 26
Cai 28
Sam 32
Ryan 40
Harvey 42