Volunteers Required for School Streets Rota

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The School Streets Pilot began at Sciennes Primary on
 Wednesday 21 October

Why introduce School Streets?
City of Edinburgh Council has introduced ‘School Streets’ at a number of primary schools across Edinburgh, including Sciennes Primary School, for an initial period of eighteen months. These locations have been experiencing ongoing road safety issues caused by drivers bringing their vehicles too close to the school gate.

The benefits of introducing school streets are that:
    •    walking, cycling and active lifestyles for pupils and parents will increase 

    •    traffic speed, congestion and pollution around school gates will reduce 

    •    we are responding to a demand from parents and residents.

How does it operate? 

Vehicles are not able to drive in, out or around the school streets when the scheme is in operation. Large signs are at the entrance to the scheme and they have flashing lights to indicate when the scheme is in operation. Only those with permits will be exempt from the closure. 

Which streets are closed and at what times?
Streets affected:
Livingstone Place

Sciennes Road (between Sylvan Place and Tantallon Place)

8.35am to 9.00am and 2.40pm to 3.30pm Monday to Thurs
8.35am to 9.00am and 11.55am to 12.20pm Friday

I am a resident of a school street. Can I drive in and out of my street when the signs are flashing?

Yes – local residents living within the streets that are closed should apply for a permit that must be displayed on the car windscreen. Residents who live in the School Streets zone will receive a letter from the Council giving advice on how to apply and further information is also available on the Council website. If your household has more than one car you should apply for one for each car. Please note this only applies to those living at the address and not visitors.

What other road users are permitted in the street?
Disabled users displaying a blue badge are permitted as well as emergency services and contract school transport dropping or picking up pupils from the school.

Who will enforce school streets?
The scheme will be enforced by Police Scotland. The penalty for ignoring the signs will be a fine. Parent volunteers can sign up to make drivers aware of the scheme.

Where can I find out more?
Please go to www.edinburgh.gov.uk/schoolstreets or email schoolstreets@edinburgh.gov.uk