Sciennes Summer Fair – Unique Proverbs, Customs and Traditions

Your help required and this time it won’t cost you a penny.
internationalThis year the Sciennes Summer Fair has an international theme.  There will be lots of fun and interesting events for kids and adults, well mainly for the kids.   One of the events will be to match the proverb with the country and another will be to match the unique tradition with the country.

cow on ice 

For example, “Neer cast a cloot till May be oot” is a Scots saying which means don’t put away your warm clothes until summer has arrived. Wise words given that it was snowing last week.  

And, a well-known Swedish proverb, well in Sweden at least is “There is no cow on the ice”.  This means there’s nothing to worry about … yet.

An interesting custom in Scotland is to be first-footed at New Year and in Spain “Doce uvas” is the custom of eating a grape at the chime of each bell on New Year’s Eve.  Both of these customs are intended to bring good luck.

So, by now you should get the point.  If you have any interesting proverbs or unique customs then e-mail me at and I’ll tell everyone who comes to the Sciennes Fair.  Oh, and please translate them and tell me what it means.  And one last thing, no more proverbs about skating livestock!

Yours in anticipation