Unicef Day for Change 13.5.16

On Friday 13th May at the P4-7 Assembly we reflected on our Rights Respecting Schools Level One Inspection on Wednesday 11th May. We celebrated achieving a Level One Award and all the positive feedback we received. We also thought about some of Unicef‘s recommendations for our next steps towards the Level Two Award. We thanked everyone for generously donating their loose change to Unicef on the ‘Day for Change’ and thought about what we could change to help us make sure everyone knows about children’s rights – at Sciennes and in other countries.

P7 Captains took on the task of collecting and counting the loose change. There was so much that they will have to resume counting next week! Thank you very much to everyone who donated. P7 Captains told us about the crisis in Syria and how children’s rights are being affected. The money raised today will help Unicef support Syrian refugee children and the total will be doubled by the UK Government.

Mr Howie showed a video ‘If the world were 100 people’ to continue to help us think about equal rights. P7 Captains congratulated pupils on recent achievements. Next week’s assembly will be at 9.50am and will focus on CEC 1+2 Languages for World Diversity Day.

Article 42 All adults and children should know about the UNCRC
Article 29 You have the right to education which develops your personality, respect for others’ rights and the environment.